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Every September we take a break from the physical and mental fatigue that the American Worker endures all year with a three day weekend filled with frivolity and hot dogs. We celebrate the triumphs and achievements of our labor and the economic prosperity, strength and well-being of our nation.

Today we think of Labor Day as merely the last hoorah of summer, but we’ve come a long way since the Labor Movement of the 1880’s that began the first Labor Day celebration. We’ve invented countless technological solutions that save us from the back-breaking tasks our grandparents and great-grandparents had to endure. We have ergonomic chairs and work stations. We have mechanized assembly lines. We’ve advanced from typewriters to computers. We have the Internet and email to make work easier. We’ve evolved from a strict 8-5 work day to flex-scheduling and telecommuting.

All of these innovations and advances help to increase productivity and make our jobs and lives easier. But even with the work-place innovations of the past two decades, customers are more eager than ever to find ways to streamline their work-day and make doing business easier and more efficient.

TelePacific offers solutions and support to help you make your customers’ jobs easier. You already know that TelePacific can help your customers with turnkey voice and data solutions, bundled packages for easy billing, and business continuity services, but there are few other ways we can help you ensure your customers’ continued satisfaction and your peace of mind.

Our customer-focused website is loaded with tools that make it easy for you to keep your customers working at their peak. Our extensive library of user guides helps you and your customers navigate the features of our products to get the most out of those services. Everything from our OneSecure User Guide to the Fax Central Quickstart Guide and SmartVoice Voice Portal Guide are right at your fingertips.

And we have a highly trained, experienced, and friendly customer support staff ready to help with any question or concern you or your customers may have. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer support, which means you can reach our technical support staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Or you can contact one of our dedicated specialists for billing questions or questions about moving service. You can also contact the sales office near you for support. In fact, our proven track record shows that if you call us right now there’s a 95 percent likelihood your call will be answered within 30 seconds and a 93 percent likelihood your issue will be resolved on that first call.

And finally, we want to know how we can better help you and help you help your customers. We want to hear what you and your customers have to say about our products, services, people and what you would like to see us add or improve. We appreciate and value your feedback because it helps us improve our products and serve you better. We are always striving to improve the way we do business, so please drop us note or give us a call and let us know how we can work better for you and your customers.

And enjoy the last weekend of summer!

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