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TelePacific Talks | December 2010

Up to Date News: What a Year! Vendor News | TelePacific

This year has brought about a lot of activity and excitement to TelePacific. The economic climate has certainly set a challenging environment, but TelePacific has risen to the occasion. So before the New Year arrives, replete with new challenges and opportunities, we want to take a moment and reflect on this year’s successes. We know full well that these successes would not have happened without you, the outstanding vendor community that supports us throughout the year, so we thank you and invite you to celebrate another successful year with TelePacific. And with that said, here are a few of our shared success stories over the last year:

Smarter SmartVoice This year, TelePacific took one of its great products, SmartVoice, and made it even better. We expanded the list of certified PBX systems, upgraded some standard equipment with Cisco hardware and expanded the available configurations. In other words, it became a smarter SmartVoice.

TelePacific Mobile This summer, TelePacific launched a whole new service line focused on mobility. The new services include smartphones, mobile voice and data plans, personal WiFi hotspot options and more. With more business done on the road and the emergence of powerful smart phone and laptop business application solutions, these new services help TelePacific stay on top of changing business needs.

Ethernet over Copper TelePacific rolled out Ethernet over Copper (EoC) across our service area. This is a great new service that provides customers increased bandwidth at lower costs, and is in addition to our other Ethernet offerings. Technology keeps evolving and we keep evolving with it.

Inc. Magazine’s Top List For the fourth year in a row, TelePacific made Inc. Magazine’s prestigious list of the top “100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America.” TelePacific has grown by 64 percent over the last three years, earning us the rank of 84th fastest growing private company overall, based on gross dollars of growth, and the fifth amongst telecommunication companies. The list is a strong indicator of our continued growth and success.

“Coolest” Telecommunications Service Providers Things definitely cooled down this summer when TelePacific was ranked among the “coolest” telecom service providers by CRN magazine. We earned the designation in a special report that recognized companies in the telecommunications channel who are taking on industry-changing trends, such as cloud computing and managed service models. Pretty cool!

O1 Communications In October, TelePacific announced a deal with Sacramento-based O1 Communications. The deal gave TelePacific all 1,000 of O1’s SMB customers, as well as various network assets and a state-of-the-art SAS 70 certified data center. This opened up new markets to TelePacific and our vendors, making it possible for us to sign clients in industries such as banking and finance, who often require SAS 70 certified data centers as a condition to selecting a telecommunications provider.

These are just a few of the many successes we enjoyed this year. And without saying too much, there are a few more surprises and successes planned for next year. You’ll want to stick around next year and enjoy these successes together. Cheers!

Trouble Ticket Management

OneCentral, TelePacific’s secure online account management system, now offers online Trouble Ticket management. Customers can now submit technical or billing questions through an easy-to-use Trouble Ticket system. Once a request has been submitted, users can view ticket status and get problems resolved and questions answered quickly. The Trouble Ticket system also integrates call-in questions so users can view their complete customer care history in one place. How’s that for efficient!

Change Toll Free "Ring To" Numbers Instantly

OneCentral also gives you a portal to edit and update the "ring to" numbers on your toll free lines. No calling. No waiting. Just drop in a new number and your calls will be re-routed within seconds.

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