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December 2011

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Earn extra cash for 2012 by taking advantage of our bonus SPIFs through the end of the year.

End of Year SPIFs: If you're on a residual commission plan you can make an additional one to two percent on top of your standard residual commission if you exceed $5,000 or $10,000 in MRC and usage charges respectively. Vendors enrolled in our up front commission program can earn an additional 10 percent for reaching $1,000 in commissionable revenue, 20 percent for hitting $5,000 and 33 percent for achieving $10,000.

Mobile Device Promo: We're also offering a free mobile data device (USB or MiFi) with free 5GB data service plan when a customer contracts for Internet access, 1Net MPLS and SmartVoice services at 3 Mbps or higher; a half meg of additional bandwidth with any Ethernet over Copper order; and several colocation promos that discount pricing for bundled cabinet and power, additional power and bandwidth. Contact your representative for further details.

Look for this recurring section in future newsletters to stay informed of new incentives, promotions and events to benefit you and your customers.

Cloudy Forecast Ahead

Odds are good that many of your customers or potential referrals qualify as "early adopters" or "early majority" and they are ready to consider transitioning to virtual or cloud solutions, especially datacenter, colocation and hosted PBX.

Market demand for hosted PBX services, sometimes called hosted VoIP, also is growing rapidly. About 32 percent of businesses with fewer than 50 employees have already deployed hosted PBX solutions, and another 35 percent plan on doing so within the next 24 months, according to research from Aberdeen Group. Just two years ago, hosted PBX solutions were considered unreliable or too risky by the majority of respondents in just about every survey of business and IT decision makers. But today, Aberdeen concludes that the real-world usage of hosted PBX is now strongly associated not only with cost savings, but with improved uptime and reduced service impairment. If those figures are anywhere close to accurate, hosted PBX sales to small and medium-sized businesses will skyrocket in 2012.

The market for datacenter products, which is being rebranded by some vendors as "private cloud computing," is also accelerating fast. More than 75 percent of nearly 500 enterprise executives recently surveyed by PwC plan to adopt some form of cloud computing, and 65 percent said that cloud computing would be the best way to manage IT infrastructure in three years. If you are a vendor that profits from the sale of IT, PBX or key telephone systems equipment, this trend could displace a good chunk of your revenue; that is, unless you're positioned with a partner like TelePacific that can help you shift that revenue to the cloud model.

Our expanding cloud product portfolio includes:

  • Datacenter space, power and bandwidth in SAS 70/SSAE 16 facilities
  • RemoteStor advanced data backup and storage technology
  • OneSecure network security services

3 Reasons T1 Customers Should Consider EoC

Ethernet over Copper is starting to dominate T1 circuits as the preferred access technology among small and medium sized businesses. The reasons:

  • EoC beats TDM access rates by 15 to 40 percent
  • It's faster to deploy and easier to upgrade
  • It's just as reliable as TDM access but more resilient

That last point is important, especially in markets affected by stormy weather. For example, in Southern California, storms frequently disrupt T1 access. However, when tremendous rains poured down on Los Angeles last winter, not a single one of our EoC customers experienced an outage. With TDM, if any part of the copper loop fails, then the TDM circuit fails. That's not the case with EoC because our equipment can retrain the other available loop(s) and maintain bandwidth.

Call your sales representative to learn more about EoC options and bundles. In our fall promotion, we're giving away additional bandwidth with EoC orders.

In the News

Dick Jalkut, our president and CEO, has been singled out by industry publication FierceTelecom as one of 10 competitive telecom executives to watch.

His selection highlights his reputation for personally checking every customer issue report and maintaining the simple philosophy that the customer always comes first. Moreover, it undersores his role in the ongoing investment in and development of a wide mix of data services, wireless bandwidth, datacenter colocation and hosted IP-based voice products designed to satisfy multi-site business customers.


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