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TLP Leasing Helps Retailer Nets $90K

TelePacific Talks | October 2012

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October 2012

Get Your Orders In by Nov. 30

If you would like to be in the running to win a travel voucher for generating the highest revenue or number of deals in 2012, be sure to submit your orders by November 30th.

Some $15,000 in travel voucher prizes will be awarded to the top two producers in three different categories: most referrals received; most dollars sold; and most TelePacific Leasing Program (TLP) deals through Great America Leasing. First place in each category wins a $4,000 trip and second place wins a $1,500 one with getaway options such as Kauai, Hawaii and other wonderful vacation spots.

Vacation vouchers will be awarded no later than Dec. 15. For more information, please contact your TelePacific representative.

Retailer Nets $90,000 for Leasing
IP PBX through TelePacific

Since announcing the expansion of our TelePacific Leasing Program (TLP) a few months ago, we have had a spike in customer requests for more information about leasing IP PBXs, routers and other equipment, and subsequently arranged a number of lease agreements that are saving customers thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars.

Most of our vendor partners have access to many different phone system suppliers that can arrange financing for new equipment and sometimes at zero percent interest. But consider this: By aligning your clients' equipment purchases with monthly phone and network services from TelePacific, we achieve economies that enable us to discount their first three months of network service charges by 50 percent when they lease equipment over five years, the most common length of term. Read more

Cloud Services Markets Could Be
Larger Than Envisioned

It's challenging to project the size of a large new market when it basically cannibalizes existing businesses in the process. Unified communications is a good example since it includes or replaces other ways of handling communications functions, ranging from fixed or mobile voice to email to messaging, voice mail and call handling.

Something similar is going to happen with cloud computing, according to technology analyst and blogger Gary Kim.

Consider Business Process as a Service (BPaaS). What's a business process? IBM includes the following: web analytics; enterprise marketing management; business-to-business integration; supply-chain management; security governance; risk management and compliance; and business service management.

Kim suggests that other building blocks such as email management, communications management, shopping cart services or catalog processes are similar inputs to creating whole business processes. As those processes all move to cloud delivery mechanisms, the logical question is whether such "outsourced" processes, supported by cloud delivery architectures, are part of the cloud computing business or not. At some level, the answer has to be "yes," asserts Kim, citing cloud-supported advertising systems, and retail operations outsourced to Amazon. Both already are key business processes often supplied to business partners that use cloud computing. So what counts as a business process "as a service?" Is it only the value of the contract to use a retail checkout system, a catalog or a fulfillment process? Is it partly the value of the transactions or the value of the products traded?

The point is that it's conceivable that cloud services markets might be bigger than currently envisioned, partly depending on what gets counted. The reason is that more and more business processes using software, processing and storage are shifting to cloud mechanisms. Indeed, BPaaS represents the largest segment of what analysts at Gartner now tabulate, accounting for nearly 80 percent of the total market. It's the largest segment primarily because Gartner includes cloud advertising as a subsegment. But one might also argue that BPaaS is so big because it represents a redefinition of the traditional outsourcing business. And that is a much larger business than simple computing, storage and applications delivery.


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