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February 2014

SMBs that Embrace Technology Experience
Greater Revenue Growth

According to research consultancy SMB Group, "progressive SMBs" (small- and medium-sized businesses that invest more in technology solutions) are more likely to experience revenue growth than their counterparts. Key differentiators embraced by these firms include adoption of cloud, mobile, social and analytics, and IT outsourcing. In other words, companies experiencing the most revenue growth are relying on scalable, outsourced technology to manage their IT and communications needs so they can focus on their core operations. At TelePacific, we not only recognize these trends, but we've fully embraced them in our "three C's" value proposition of connectivity, cloud and continuity solutions.

Nearly 100% of Businesses that Adopt Cloud Services Increase Security

As we discussed last month, high-profile data breaches from Adobe, Target and others have created an unprecedented focus on security from business managers in firms of all sizes. You may be surprised to learn that another high-profile trend creates a similar focus — cloud adoption. A double-blind study commissioned by Microsoft revealed that 94 percent of small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) reported security improvements after adopting cloud services. Improvements were logged in staying current with patches and antivirus protection as well as in the deployment of better spam filters.

Other key stats among cloud adopters:

• 73 percent said they were more confident in their
  data integrity using cloud services

• 91 percent said using the cloud simplified
  compliance management

• Half of software-as-a-service (SaaS) users saved
  time on IT management

• 45 percent wish they'd adopted the cloud sooner

• 70 percent used cloud savings to reinvest in
  product development and innovation, marketing
  and expansion into new markets

"Ethernet Everywhere" Requires More Than Fiber

One of the latest buzz phrases emerging in the telecom space is "Ethernet everywhere." It's picking up a lot of steam lately as companies deploying lots of fiber assets seek to fill those networks. At TelePacific, we believe in the flexibility and superiority of Ethernet solutions, and we deliver Ethernet over fiber (EoF). But we also offer Ethernet over copper (EoC), Ethernet over fixed wireless (EoFW) and Ethernet over time-division multiplexing (EoTDM). Additionally, our Enhanced Ethernet over Copper (EEoC) solution delivers a high-bandwidth circuit that supports Ethernet over private line (EoPL), SIP voice, Internet access, MPLS and VPLS VPN. The advantages to our "any-of-the-above" Ethernet strategy include the ability to provide services to a much wider scope of customers than fiber-only players, and the delivery of consolidated services (and services management) for multilocation businesses, which tend to deploy retail and office locations around demographics and not where telephone companies happen to have dropped fiber assets.

Fixed Wireless Triple Play Rolled Out

TelePacific has turned its already popular Fixed Wireless offering into a complete multi-network connectivity solution. It's now a pure Triple Play, with the addition of full voice capabilities to complement Fixed Wireless' ability to carry private networking and Internet traffic at speed of up to 100Mbps — all with guaranteed performance, lightning fast set up times and aggressive pricing. TelePacific Fixed Wireless is a compelling option for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that need primary services but are located too far from telco Central Offices for reliable performance or are in buildings that aren't already lit with fiber connections. It also gives businesses of all types the ability to add a peace-of-mind continuity solution to their existing networks that pays little attention to errant backhoes, weather or natural disasters that can play havoc with wireline networks.

TelePacific Expands Texas
Ethernet over Copper Coverage

TelePacific's sustained drive to expand its presence in the Texas small and medium-sized business (SMB) communications market is accelerating with the addition of the 134 Ethernet over Copper-enabled (EoC) central offices of Alpheus Communications to its core network reach. TelePacific already has the largest EoC footprint in California, providing cost-effective bandwidth solutions that deliver guaranteed performance with industry leading Service Level Agreements. The addition of the Alpheus network adds 129,000 Texas locations to TelePacific's footprint, adding a powerful new access alternative to a huge range of SMB customers who want to take advantage of TelePacific's broad and powerful portfolio of connectivity, cloud and continuity solutions.

TelePacific Executive Named to CompTIA Advancing Women in IT (AWIT) Committee Executive Board

Our nation's IT shortage is a widely recognized problem. What's not quite as widely understood is that a significant gender gap also exists. Women account for almost 60 percent of professional occupations in America, but only 26% hold professional computing occupations, according to data compiled by the National Center for Women and Information Technology.

With these realities in mind, TelePacific is pleased to announce that Hilary Gadda, director of TelePacific's Telepartner Channel, has been named to the Executive Council of CompTIA's Advancing Women in IT Committee (AWIT). AWIT was founded in 2012 and provides mentorship, networking and resources for women that empower and encourage them to build successful IT careers. Gadda was the first telecom executive invited into the leadership team, where she and other leaders are building a multifaceted education and advocacy effort focused on legislation, the shaping of industry practices and the delivery of practical support for women in IT.

"There are great opportunities out there for women in IT, whether they're just starting out their working lives or considering a mid-career evolution," says Gadda. "The rapid convergence of traditional telecom and IT opens up tremendous opportunity — and challenge — for all of us."

Cloud Strategies Emerging This Year

In 2012, just how real "the cloud" was — and how much was hyped — was a hotly debated topic. Today, with cloud penetration passing 75%, the debate is over. In fact, according to Gartner, this is the year when cloud computing will move from early adoption (the pursuit of low-hanging fruit) to more complex adoption built around fully-developed strategies, or what it calls "production adoption," wherein businesses will start to develop business cases for structured cloud strategies. For SMBs that lack the personnel and other internal resources to put their business processes through complex adoption and sales engineering scenarios, the ability to rely on trusted vendors will be key to overall growth and competitiveness. This new marketplace reality is what TelePacific's "Three C's" value proposition is all about. Our turnkey solution allows our customers to focus on their businesses while we take care of their connectivity, cloud and continuity needs.


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