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April 2014

Several emerging forces point to an uptick in opportunities to provide your customers and prospects with telecom and IT services this year. Let's take them on step-by-step…

Increased Borrowing and Spending Activity
Among SMBs

In the first quarter, lending demand for small businesses was up 42 percent year-over-year, according to Direct Capital's Lending Index. More importantly, demand in the first quarter accelerated month-after-month. January demand was up 2.3 percent over December, February was up 9.7 percent over February and March was up 22 percent over February.

At the same time, when looking at second-quarter indicators, the Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation is predicting a 4.1 percent increase, Fannie Mae is predicting increased momentum and the most recent CEO Economic Outlook survey predicts increases in hiring, spending and growth.

IT Services — Especially All Things Cloud — Sit Atop SMB Wish Lists

With businesses beginning to increase their spending, it's noteworthy that a j2 Global survey found that, in terms of spending priorities, 88 percent of small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) would like to retire at least one legacy business technology, and nearly 60 percent anticipate using cloud services to cut costs in 2014. Clearly, IT solutions will get plenty of wallet share as spending ramps up.

But There's Always a "But…"

We've established that SMBs are accelerating spending and they would like to invest in IT services to reduce costs and retire legacy business technologies. Sounds like a market ripe for cloud adoption, right?

Yes and no. At the same time business owners and managers are willing to invest in new technologies for their businesses, the avalanche of available choices also overwhelms them. The latest Brother International Brother Small Business Survey finds that 63 percent of small business owners admit to being overwhelmed by technology choices. It also finds that they are evenly divided on which technology adoption path poses the greatest risks — adopting early and potentially betting on the wrong horse (or paying too much for a solution before it's scaled up), or holding back and potentially ceding competitive advantages to competitors that adopt technologies more aggressively.

This is Where You Come In

To sum up where we're at right now, in the second quarter of 2014, SMBs are cranking up their growth engines and they're interested in adopting technology solutions — especially those that can cut costs — but they lack confidence in their ability to pick winners from the pack as well as their ability to time their technology investments wisely.

All of these factors point to trusted advisors having greater influence in IT spending. And why shouldn't they? You live-eat-and-breathe this space while they do the same in their own industries. In this market, you're more valuable to your customers today than you've ever been, and you'll be even more value next month, and next year and in the years that follow.

And It's Where We Come In

By working with TelePacific, you've got a powerful suite of solutions at your fingertips. The complexity and confusion that's spreading through this app-laden marketplace is why we've retooled our product set around a "Three Cs" solution of Connect, Cloud and Continuity. This simple but extensive value proposition gets your customers out of our business and back to their own. And we give you and your clients plenty or reasons to confidently trust TelePacific with their cloud services needs:

Stability: TelePacific is a $600 million, financially stable company with six consecutive recognitions by Inc. Magazine as one of America's fastest growing companies.

Service: From our CEO-down, service-first commitment to our awards from the Telecom Association, Channel Partners, Next Gen Networks and Telephony Magazine, among others, there is no firm with a better track record on customer service and satisfaction than TelePacific.

Selectivity: We've screened our cloud offerings to deliver only reliable, effective solutions delivered by market-leading cloud services partners. After all, if they're part of our suite, we have to stand behind them (and maintain our best-in-class customer satisfaction and complaint resolution rates).

Single-Source Solution: Cloud is just one of our "Three Cs." We also offer market-leading connectivity and continuity solutions. Our connectivity options include MPLS, VPLS, EPL, DIA, SIP Trunking, PRIs delivered over our "true Ethernet everywhere" solutions (Ethernet over copper, fixed wireless, fiber and TDM). Continuity solutions include provisions for redundancy, managed security and data backup. All in all, we deliver the most comprehensive offerings in California, Nevada and Texas.


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