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June 2013

CEO Survey Indicates Small Businesses
are Expanding and Hiring

Small business owners are showing a willingness to hire more employees amidst signs of expanding business activity, according to the most recent Business Confidence Survey released today by Insperity, a provider of human resources and business performance solutions.

More than 40 percent of respondents say they are adding employees, up from 28 percent last October, while 55 percent are maintaining current staffing levels, versus 63 percent last fall. About 5 percent are laying off employees, down from 9 percent in October.

About 74 percent of survey respondents said that they are either meeting or exceeding their 2013 performance plans, up from 71 percent in the last survey. Meanwhile, 26 percent report that they are doing worse than expected, down from the 29 percent response in October. Concerning the timing of an economic rebound, 28 percent think one is currently in process versus 20 percent last fall; 26 percent expect a rebound in the third quarter or later; and 45 percent are unsure. Read more

TelePacific's Network Monitor Tames
the Devil in the Details

TelePacific is giving users of its 1Net Internet-based Virtual Private Network (IP VPN) a new tool that provides at-a-glance understanding of their network's performance. Network Monitor's web-based dashboard gives executives and systems engineers alike an instantly understandable picture of both enterprise-wide and individual interface performance.

Top 10 lists break out key performance metrics that spotlight the hotspots where network overutilization could build into potential problems. Clear visual icons and real-time reporting immediately illuminate the big picture of network performance and then pinpoint exactly where to use Network Monitor's powerful reporting capabilities to drill down to specific trouble spots.

The devil, of course, is always in those details and Network Monitor gives TelePacific's customers the tools they need to understand them. Network Monitor's web portal access to performance reporting highlights trends and problem spots, with user-customizable reports available that enable customers to see trend reporting and historical tracking over the time frames most relevant to them. For more information about TelePacific's Network Monitor tool, please click here.

Cost vs. Growth: IT Buyers Want It Both Ways

The fog may be finally starting to lift. While major political and economic uncertainties obstructed business investment last year, 2013 promises to be a turning point, as CEO and senior executives, by a ratio of more than four to one, plan to increase IT investment in 2013 rather than cut it, according to Gartner's latest CEO and Senior Executive Survey.

"This is the year when business leadership teams must commit to investing bravely and deeply to redevelop the technology and information capability of their firms," said Mark Raskino, vice president and Gartner fellow. Business leaders tell Gartner they recognize the need to invest in e-commerce, mobile, cloud, social and other major technology categories, and the capabilities they enable. "That can't be done from within existing IT budgets alone," said Raskino.

Yet some questions remain as to how that IT investment will be applied. Having been simultaneously rocked by a recession while getting slammed by a wave of enabling technologies, executive decision makers, by and large, might still be looking to find some balance between the needs to create efficiencies and the desire to drive innovation, suggests a 2012 Forbes Insight board of directors survey.

75% of Partners Lost Deals to Channel Conflict

Challenging economic times, new technologies and new methods for selling information technology (IT) solutions have contributed to an increase in conflicts between vendors and their channel partners. The result has been lost business for many channel firms: More than three-quarters in a recent study said they lost one or more deals in the last year due to channel conflict.

The study, released by IT non-profit association CompTIA, found that six in 10 IT channel companies say the incidence of conflict has increased in the last two years. Eight in 10 say conflict has affected their business negatively, including 21 percent that described the impact as "major."

The report also includes encouraging news. A significant number of channel firms are responding to conflict by reinventing their business.

"They're looking inside their own organizations to get their own house in order to become more appealing to the customer," explains Carolyn April, director of industry analysis at CompTIA. "They're improving their own service capabilities, specializing in vertical markets and making the move to a managed services business model, which cements them to a customer."

In the coming weeks, TelePacific will be introducing new "cement" including Hosted Exchange email along with email syncing, security and archiving, desktop and server storage, mobile device management and SharePoint hosting services. And rest assured that channel conflict will not be an issue when working with TelePacific to deliver these products and other offerings to your clients. Simply send us a lead and earn commissions on sold deals. Or be as involved as you like throughout the process. It's up to you.


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