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March 2014

Shadow IT Purchasing on Cloud 10 Times
the Rate IT Departments Realize

It's no secret that the cloud is everywhere, having driven discussions about hype to questions of oversaturation in just the last two years. Cloud is so hot, in fact, that some companies are slapping the "cloud" name on non-cloud products solely for the purpose of driving sales — a practice common enough that Gartner coined a term for it — cloudwashing.

It's also no secret that IT departments aren't as hot on the cloud as other departments — for reasons both good and bad. Salesforce reputedly grew to customer relationship management (CRM) and sales force automation (SFA) dominance by selling around IT departments. Today, many cloud applications are funded from non-IT budgets — marketing solutions may be funded from marketing budgets, help-desk services may be funded by customer service departments, and so on. And then there's the politically painful reality for IT departments that their internal customers are increasingly opting to work around IT department backlogs by seeking outsourced solutions for their IT needs. For all these reasons, it's long been understood that IT departments often are unaware of the full extent of cloud adoption in their own companies.

Cloud analytics firm Netskope has put a number on this gap, and it turns out that the typical IT department underestimates the extent of cloud adoption by a factor of ten. That's not a typo. For every cloud instance the IT department is aware of, nine more exist, on average. Cloud may have emerged as a quintessential 21st-century term, but modern IT departments would be well advised to follow a 20th-century piece of advice: If you can't beat 'em... join 'em.

Every cloud has a silver lining, and while cloud services have upended the traditional IT department role in software adoption (even if some IT departments haven't quite figured that out, yet), there is plenty of opportunity for the IT world to make its mark because, with all that decentralized cloud adoption, a hodgepodge of services — some redundant, others conflicting with compliance requirements — has emerged. Many firms have unknowingly adopted multiple HR applications, for example. Or collaboration. Or backup and storage. And so on.

In many ways, this signals the new frontier for IT departments — managing outsourced solutions instead of developing custom solutions. In current models, there exists the need for IT departments to get their arms around cloud offerings, now those offerings interact with company networks and databases, and how they interact with each other, and identify approved solutions, policies practices for cloud adoption. In other words, there's plenty of opportunity for IT heads to wear the capes and save the day. It'll just be more with outsourced than homegrown solutions.

At TelePacific, we know this is a big job, and it's why we've rolled an entire suite of applications into our TelePacific Cloud Solutions Suite. From hosted exchange mail to server backup, data protection and collaboration, we've assembled a core set of scalable services that complement the custom applications or specialized applications you rely on to serve your customer's particular industry.

TelePacific Expands Texas Leadership Team

We've announced a significant ramp-up in Texas, appointing two local business leaders in their home markets and the establishing a new executive position to oversee business expansion across the state.

Corpus Christi native Leticia Gonzalez, who has more than 15 years of telecom experience and deep roots in Corpus Christi, will lead the Corpus Christi office while Richard Ocejo, a native of San Antonio, takes the reins of the office in his home town. Like Gonzalez, he has deep ties to local business.

Putting an exclamation point on our Texas activity, we also brought in an executive who was instrumental in the development of TelePacific as a market-leading, customer-centric brand to lead our Texas operations. As President of TelePacific Texas, Brad Mitchell brings deep executive focus and experience to our Texas operations.

"I've spent my entire career building sales and revenue for companies that found rewards in the furiously evolving B2B and B2C worlds," Mitchell says, "and the focus on customers and local business economies that makes that possible has always gripped me. TelePacific understands that dynamic better than any other company I've worked for and I love the way it is baked into the corporate DNA here."

How Wearable Tech Will Impact Your Company

Wearable tech is already here and, like so many tech advancements, promises to have significant impacts on our lives both personal and professional. Also like so many things "tech," it promises lots of potential IT and security headaches. Fortunately, we can see this wave coming, so there is time for your company to get out in front of this wave. Here are some tips:

  • Seek one-stop security solutions like OneSecure to build active security into company networks.
  • Establish policies now. Are recording devices like Google Glass allowed on-site? If so, can they be worn in sensitive meetings? What about bathrooms? And what about employee privacy?
  • Create plans for network capacity and scaling. Remember, it's not just all those extra devices, it's all the processes needed to manage those devices as well.

M2M Making its Mark

M2M — also known as the Internet of Things — is starting to make its mark in a big way. Already the fastest growing segment in the telecom industry, it's now clear that the M2M market may be exponentially larger than is currently recognized if you factor ismart devices — like phones and tablets — into the equation. And you guessed it — plenty of wearables will have M2M applications as well. Over the next couple of years, look for M2M to become a big component of IT projects for businesses involved in automotive, manufacturing, retail, utility, healthcare and public safety and surveillance.


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