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Realizing Your ROY Telepacific

Helping Your Customers Realize their ROY Today

Aren't acronyms funny? Maybe not funny ha-ha, but funny in an interesting way. Almost anything can be made into an acronym - just take the first letters of the words in a phrase and voila! There's your acronym. In fact, there are so many acronyms with so many possible meanings that there are multiple web sites and other resources dedicated to helping you figure out what any given acronym means.

Take ROI for example. Everyone knows it means Return on Investment, or the benefit (return) of an investment divided by the cost of the investment with the result expressed as a percentage or a ratio (just in case you needed the technical definition). It's commonly used to determine whether to invest in a stock, company or piece of equipment, as you well know.


You probably also know about an acronym that is rising in popularity, especially in this down economy: ROY, or Return on Yesterday. Increasing numbers of businesses are looking to get more out of yesterday's investments - the equipment they already own. On the one hand, it's understandable (and you may even be doing the same thing); on the other hand, it makes it hard for your business to be successful when customers aren't buying new equipment.

We understand the challenge you're facing. It's hard to convince customers that purchasing new equipment can actually save them money (through better energy efficiency, longer life span and lower maintenance costs, for example) when they don't want to spend today to save tomorrow. Whether or not you can convince them to spend today, you and TelePacific can help them save money today and tomorrow.

TelePacific offers both TDM and next-generation SIP Trunk solutions so your customers can make the most of their existing network infrastructure. We have an excellent reputation for provisioning and customer service, to complement your own excellent reputation. And we offer a T1 card rebate of up to $1,500 per T1 for customers who sign up for a two- or three-year commitment. And you look good for bringing these savings to your customer.

All of those savings might even convince them it's worth an upgrade or new system to further enhance those savings so they're taking advantage of their ROI and ROY. You never know how persuasive you (and savings) can be until you try - let us know how we can help.


Do your customers' voice and data needs continuously fluctuate? Businesses can take advantage of employee calling patterns to raise data speeds. Using the dynamic capabilities of SIP technology and bonding, businesses can get the voice services they need while increasing the data bandwidth available to improve employee productivity.

Up to 6.0Mbps Throughput

Using Multi-link Point to Point Protocol, TelePacific bonds T1s together to provide a throughput of up to 6.0M of bandwidth. When employees are not making phone calls, the bonded access facility is fully available for data traffic. Of course, voice takes priority so when an employee makes or receives a call, SmartVoice immediately allocates bandwidth to the voice traffic, but only as long as the call is in process. Once the call is over, the bandwidth is again available for data traffic. As voice needs fluctuate throughout the day, data bandwidth adjusts to capitalize on the available capacity.

SmartVoice SIP services use an advanced telephony platform for call control and voice features. This redundant platform resides in the core of our private IP network, delivering SIP-based voice from your customers' premises to the PSTN. Likewise, the SIP-based service terminates at your customers' premises and can be converted to a traditional voice interface - PRI/CAS/Analog - with a TelePacific managed gateway, or delivered directly as SIP to your customers' LAN. These flexible network connection options support both traditional existing telephony equipment and next generation IP PBXs.


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