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Recent Performance Initiatives

TelePacific Talks | May 2012

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May 2012

Recent Performance Initiatives

At TelePacific we do not sit still or shy away from investments and tough decisions when it comes to taking care of our customers. In the past year, and as recent as this past month, we have made considerable changes to process, people, network hardware and corporate structure to further improve the overall performance we provide to customers.

Technical Support Our Customer Technical Support Center (CTSC) is under new leadership with the conclusion of a high profile search and hiring of Sandy Blaisdell as Vice President of Customer Satisfaction and Reliability. We also have created a Tier III support team of highly certified engineers and technicians that continuously interact with vendors, providers and customers to preemptively discover and eradicate product related service issues. This group is an added overlay in support of our Network Operations Center (NOC) and our Customer Technical Support Team.

Network Reliability and Security
We invest millions of dollars annually into our network for resiliency and growth. The vendors we select are the top brands in the industry and are chosen based on performance and value, not price. Nevertheless, we recently hired an independent consultant from Ericsson (formerly Telcordia and Bell Labs) to lead an extensive audit of our network architecture, systems, practices and personnel. Though we have deployed redundant core network elements beyond our manufacturers' recommendations and recently added significant tools and resources to our NOC, a third-party audit ensures that we have left no stone unturned when it comes to service delivery and reliability.

To safeguard against external threats, we have added cyber security specialists, deployed advanced monitoring tools and assumed a leadership role at COMPTEL, the leading industry association for telecommunications providers, to proactively engage with other service providers and vendors about best practices and preventative measures against the hacker tactics of cybercriminals.

Provisioning Provisioning of new services for our customers determines how the service relationship begins and sets an important tone for the relationship. This has been one of TelePacific's core strengths over the years, but we have taken several steps to maintain this competency as our service footprint and customer base continues to grow.

We have expanded our project engineering staff by more than 30 percent, added project managers to enhance the level of care and support for our growing number of multi-location customers and promoted Marilyn Szamlewski as the new Director of Front End Provisioning to focus on work processes, personnel and ongoing root causes analysis to ensure best-in-class provisioning.

If you have any questions about any of the measures described above, please don't hesitate to contact your TelePacific representative. Also, if you would like to send us any feedback directly, simply click here.

The Benefits of Better Bandwidth

Increased Internet usage and modern technologies such as Software-as-a-Service and business video conferencing can create a strain on networks that do not have enough resources. Fortunately, a minimal investment in increasing bandwidth goes a long way in terms of improving a network's functionality.

There also are several actions you can take to improve the performance, speed and scalability of your network:

Benchmark Bandwidth Needs The key to network performance is having the correct amount of bandwidth. How much bandwidth is being used? How much will be needed six months or two years from now?

Migrate to New Technologies Transfer from legacy access technologies to newer access technologies to increase bandwidth, scalability and reliability. New access technologies are less expensive and easier to troubleshoot as well.

Minimize Connections to the Public Internet This improves performance considerably and also minimizes security concerns.

Add Monitoring Capabilities This provides real time and historical bandwidth utilization and latency statistics. This also sheds light on the location of network bottlenecks and where routing problems or other issues exist.

Identify Where Traffic Comes From Enable better network performance by prioritizing critical applications over non-critical applications.

Initiate User Controls Web content filtration allows for increased network speed because employees cannot access unauthorized sites and use precious bandwidth unnecessarily.

Establish a Back-Up Option If there is an outage on a primary network, business can still be conducted via the Internet. For example, if a company's primary network access is Ethernet over Copper (EoC), the backup could be wireless access.

We have experienced network engineers who frequently help customers with all of the above. For assistance, just ask.

IT Spending Growing

For the first time in quite a while, the demand for IT solutions is growing significantly, leading to a positive outlook among IT professionals in CompTIA's latest IT Industry Business Confidence Index.

CompTIA, an association for IT solution providers, recorded a gain of 4.6 points to 56.7 on a 100-point scale during Q2. The Index — an aggregation of opinions on the U.S. economy, the IT industry and one's company — is now at its highest level in more than a year. Read more.

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