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Fraud and Security

TelePacific Talks | May 2010

Fraud and Security Go Hand in Hand Telepacific

When we say fraud and security go hand in hand, it’s not like they are skipping along a garden path together (because that would be impossible—they are concepts, not people). Rather, fraud necessitates security measures and security measures become more important due to fraud. It’s a symbiotic relationship, really.

We talked last month about phone fraud and security measures vendors can take (and encourage their customers to take) to protect against scams. But as you know, fraud and attacks may have an even greater impact when they affect a customer’s data network. Hacks and phishing don’t turn up in the news quite as frequently as they used to, but networks and sensitive information are still at risk.

Most businesses are aware of the security risks inherent in life lived and business conducted online, but the risks are far outweighed by the rewards (faster communication, online ordering, shared information...the list goes on). The majority of companies probably have some security measures in place to protect their sensitive data and customer information from prying eyes online. But is it enough protection? Is that protection installed and maintained properly? And are there policies (formal or informal) so network users know what to do and what not to do?

Perhaps May is a good time for a network security check up. Ask your IT staff a few questions to determine your network’s level of protection. Ask questions like, do we have intrusion prevention technology? How is the firewall configured? Does everyone know how to be smart (a.k.a. safe) online? Once you know how you are doing, then spread the word to other companies (like your customers and partners) and encourage them to do a security check up as well.

There are a multitude of security-related resources available online. You can find everything from the network security section of Network World magazine to security consultants (former hackers or not) and various products and services.

For instance, it’s generally a good idea to layer security measures to cover all the bases—from intrusion detection/prevention to firewalls to anti-virus and spam filtering. TelePacific’s OneSecure managed security service offers all of those security tools and more. It even comes with the added benefit of being monitored and managed by security experts so there is less for the user to worry about.

Make May the month you get secure and extend a helping hand to help others get secure too. And as we said last month—be safe out there!



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