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Prospecting and Texas Expansion

TelePacific Talks | July 2013

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July 2013

Connecting with Prospects

All of us understand how important it is to know a business prospect's operations and communications needs before pitching a solution. But what about knowing the decision maker? An anecdote from The Art of the Pitch: Persuasion and Presentation Skills that Win Business, authored by renowned advertising executive Peter Coughter, illustrates how important it is to know not just the company, but the person you're pitching too.

Coughter recounts how his agency once was at a tremendous disadvantage verses competitors because it was the only ad firm that wasn't headquartered in the Washington, D.C. area of the client. In fact, the client's decision makers, a four-man committee, didn't want any agencies outside of the D.C. area competing for the work. But a colleague recommended that Coughter's firm be included in the review, and the four-man committee grudgingly capitulated.

Coughter charged an associate with getting as much information as possible about each member of the committee. Within a few days, he had dossiers on each of the four men. They were detailed, complete with photographs and history, and revealed common experiences and interests. One was a graduate of West Point and had served in Vietnam. Two others had graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy and served in the Marine Corps, respectively. And the fourth had listed military history as a hobby.

Armed with that knowledge, Coughter decided to use Sun Tzu's The Art of War, one of the oldest and most successful books on military strategy, to design a theme and point of view for his presentation. Read more

Full Portfolio of Solutions Now Available
to Texas Businesses

Since acquiring the former Tel West Network Services Corp. in 2011, TelePacific has been expanding its presence across Texas by adding network infrastructure and offices to serve the communications needs of businesses in all of the state's major metro areas, culminating with the recent announcement that TelePacific can now deliver its entire product portfolio to Texas businesses. View 3C's product portfolio

Saving Clients from Business Losses
Due to Natural Disasters

Last year was the second-worst year on record for extreme weather events, both in number and in costs, according to a recent NCDC study by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration. In 2012, there were 11 disaster events with total losses exceeding $110 billion in damages throughout the year.

With Hurricane Sandy, in particular, many people learned how prepared, or, in some cases, how ill-prepared they were to deal with a natural disaster. More recently, the tornadoes in Oklahoma serve as another reminder.

Of course, our first and primary concern during these events centers on family and friends. But in a business context, Mother Nature was particularly instructive in 2012 regarding the importance of business continuity and disaster recovery precautions.

Hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural as well as man-made disasters can strike at any moment. Still, only about 75 percent of all companies have a business continuity plan, according to a survey conducted last year by Disaster Recovery Journal and consulting firm Forrester Research. But that percentage is weighted toward larger companies as government regulations all but require such plans in critical industries like health care, energy and finance.

Indeed, many small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) lack business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) plans, and could do a better job of ensuring their data is properly backed up and maintained, suggests a recent GFI Software study.

TelePacific's holistic approach to business communications includes guidance on architecting BC and DR solutions that can give your clients peace of mind. Indeed, our engineers frequently work with Telepartners to provide their clients with a free review of their infrastructure and potential vulnerabilities. If you need a wingman, don't hesitate to reach out.


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