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July 2014

Interoperability of TelePacific SmartVoice and Panasonic IP PBX Systems

We're pleased to lead our newsletter this month with news that we've certified five Panasonic IP PBX systems for interoperability with our SmartVoice session initiated protocol (SIP) integrated communications solution.

Ken Bisnoff, our senior vice president of strategic operations had this to say. "Bandwidth is too precious to waste. Predictable performance and guaranteed uptime are essential for our customers today as more and more of their business depends on their communications network's end-to-end performance. Panasonic's high performance IP PBX systems operate seamlessly with SmartVoice to deliver the performance they need.

"We also deliver industry-leading customer and agent support that helps make all of that hi-tech horsepower easy to use because our goal is to ensure that our customers can confidently adopt solutions that will handle their most demanding requirements."

Panasonic IP PBX systems certified for interoperability with TelePacific's SmartVoice are: KX-TDE 100, KX-TDE 200, KX-TDE 600, KX-NCP 500 and KX-NCP-1000.

Tablet Adoption Nearly Doubles Year Over Year

It seems that we always have yet another indicator of future demand for cloud services that we are compelled to bring to your attention, and this month is no exception. A new study by the Pew Center has found that penetration rate of tablets has nearly doubled over the past year, validating earlier analysis by IDC that found that tablets are the fastest growing technology in history and will begin to outsell PCs annually by 2017. Cloud services/remote applications are ideal for use with products like tablets, and, in turn, skyrocketing penetration rates of tablets creates demand for more cloud services.

Update On Year-to-Date Trends

As we close out the first half of the year, we're issuing the following guidance to our distribution channel on three key trends in our space:

Ethernet: 2014 Ethernet adoption is living up to the hype, and our strategy of "Ethernet over everything" so we can deliver a true "Ethernet everywhere" solution has delivered strongly for our company and our partners. We can't drive home often enough how important it is to keep this in mind when dealing with multilocation customers. Ethernet is at its zenith right now, with customers asking for Ethernet products by name, yet the fiber-only players touting "Ethernet everywhere" mean Ethernet everywhere their network reaches, not Ethernet everywhere a customer has a location. When we say Ethernet everywhere, we mean it, and we back it up with the industry's deepest Ethernet product portfolio.

Security: Thanks to the NSA, Adobe and Target breaches, your customers started the year with cyber security on their minds. And all year it's been more of the same, with new security breaches from brands like Neiman Marcus, Michaels, Sally Beauty, P.F. Chang's, Snapchat, eBay and now AT&T. Suffice it to say that we don't see security concerns moving to the backburner any time soon.

Cloud: This is supposed to be the "year of the cloud" and from our vantage point, this certainly is the case. Earlier this year, we told you about a new study revealing that IT managers are unaware of just how much cloud adoption is really happening in their firms. Because of this, we expect to see more cloud adoption projections to be revised upward as surveys and IT audits catch up with company-wide adoption practices.

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