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TelePacific Talks | January 2011

TelePacific Talks | January 2011
January 2011

TelePacific Unveils New Leasing Program

Customers looking to upgrade or purchase new equipment now have more attractive options. With TelePacific’s new leasing program, customers can easily bundle the cost of any equipment they need, regardless of make or model, with their monthly telecom bill. That means one consolidated monthly bill for all of their equipment, related software, warranties, maintenance, service and telecom services.

Unlike the leasing programs offered by other carriers, the new TelePacific leasing program is vendor and equipment agnostic, which allows customers to choose whichever equipment and vendor works best for them. The program also allows customers to select from the full suite of TelePacific services, choosing and paying only for the services they use and need. And, if the customer is interested in keeping the equipment, there is a $1 buy-out option available.

For vendors, this is an ideal way to work with customers and help them acquire the equipment they need without the impact of high capital expenditures. It can help vendors facilitate the sale of equipment by providing options to customers who would not otherwise be able to afford the one-time cost of purchasing the equipment.

Oh, and did we mention the SPIF? Equipment vendors who refer a customer to the leasing program may be eligible to receive a one-time SPIF of one percent of the equipment purchase price. So not only are you able to make more sales and keep customers happy with the equipment they need, you also get a nice incentive to go with it. A true win-win-win. To learn more, visit our website, contact your TelePacific account rep, or email us.

Businesses Speak Out about
Workplace Mobile Solutions

A November 2010 study on mobility trends by the Yankee Group revealed interesting information about mobile phone use in the workplace. When asked for the most important reasons to incorporate mobile business solutions, respondents ranked “Improving responsiveness to clients” (52%) and “Providing mobile access to existing applications to improve worker productivity” (44%) as the two most important.

Businesses also preferred BlackBerry devices, with 73% providing full or limited support to employees with BlackBerries. In second place was the iPhone, with only 46% of companies providing full or limited support.

Good news! As of December 2010, TelePacific has mobile devices—including Blackberry smartphones, available. Find out more about our cell phones, smartphones, data cards, MiFi mobile hotspot and services at We will be adding more services soon.

Higher Demand Equals Lower Prices
for VoIP Equipment

A November 2010 report by Infonetics Research credits large network transformation projects, particularly in China, for the large increase in VoIP and IMS equipment demand worldwide, as well as the subsequent lower prices as vendors compete to meet the demand. This price competition led to reduced vendor revenues, even with increased shipments.

“Looking at the long-term prospects, the network elements that are best poised for solid growth are those that facilitate the migration to all-IP networks, such as session border controllers (SBCs),” notes Diane Myers, directing analyst for VoIP and IMS at Infonetics Research.

Lower equipment costs offer a great incentive for your customers to make needed upgrades now. Our Leasing Program helps make it easier and manages the repayment process for them.

Leave the Office at the Office

Are you reading this newsletter at your office? If so, you may be part of the dwindling number of people who think offices are necessary. According to an October survey by Cisco, 60% of the 2,600 workers surveyed worldwide think the office is passé and no longer necessary to be productive.

This has a significant impact on businesses, as 66% of employees surveyed expect their company’s IT department to allow them to access corporate networks, applications and information from the device of their choice (company issued or personal). This leads to more network security needs. Businesses should protect themselves by working with a solution provider, such as Blackberry, that offers a mobile platform with high standards for IT security and administration.

Interesting findings to share with your business customers: Workers who are connected to their offices through mobile devices work longer days and are more productive, with 45% of respondents stating that they put in an extra two to three hours of work a day, and 25% saying they work four or more extra hours a day. Two thirds of employees surveyed stated that they would be willing to work for a company that paid less, if it offered more flexibility in the type of mobile devices used, more access to social media and more mobility.


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