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TelePacific Talks | October 2009

CIO Pipeline: The Moment of Truth Telepacific

We all tire of empty promises, worthless slogans and unenforceable guarantees. From claims of “New and Improved” to “You’ll never have to exercise again,” more and more it feels like we’re sold a bill of goods, only to find out it was not all that it was cracked up to be. And an unacceptable number of those times, we are left with no recourse to right the situation — except to steam and complain and swear we’ll never use that company again or buy anything from an infomercial (ooh, a toaster, vacuum cleaner and kitty litter box in one, and if I call now I get a free refrigerator magnet! I have to call now).

We understand. TelePacific was built in large part on the notion that providing great, consistent customer service would lead to happy, satisfied and loyal customers with whom we could grow as a business. That philosophy has served us well over the last decade, helping us expand our footprint, continue to be hailed as one of the fastest - growing companies in America, and, more importantly, continue to develop exceptional products and services our customers can use to take their businesses to the next level.

But promising customer service is worthless if it’s not delivered on a consistent basis and if there’s no accountability to back it up.

Regardless of how well a company provides services and does everything within its power to foresee and resolve problems, issues will always arise. These are the moments of truth — the moment when customers call with an issue and have an opportunity to directly measure whether their expectations are met by reality. This is when we’re tested.

We are proud to say that we do exceptionally well in these circumstances. Our unparalleled level of service is reliable and consistent. An independent survey firm conducts more than 2,000 customer surveys each month to gauge satisfaction. Month after month, we score in the 90th percentile. Compare that to any other telecommunications company. We’re happy and, even eager, to place our customer satisfaction record next to any of our competitors’.

This high level of customer satisfaction does not come easy. It takes forethought and commitment to weave customer service into every aspect of our business — from the development of new products and services to the billing process, from our relationship with vendors to how we set up our customer care call centers, from the ability to submit an issue online to the ability to pick up the phone and call our CEO directly. This level of customer service is not an accident or an afterthought; it’s designed as the foundation of our business.

And when those moments of truth come, we are there to meet and surpass expectations. That’s why we proudly display our results on our website, in our newsletters, news stories and everywhere else we can — because we believe in the importance of being transparent and want to be held accountable for our service.

And on that note, here are some of our latest results: 93% of all calls into customer care are resolved on the first call. And you won’t have to wait long to talk to the person who will resolve your issue, since 95% of all calls into customer care are answered in 30 seconds or less by a real life person. Oh, and did we mention those people are here locally? We have three call centers — two in California and one in Nevada — so when you call us, you know it’s someone here, who knows the products and services, and can deal directly with other departments to make sure any issue is resolved promptly.

Of course, there is always room for improvement — and we know that. That’s why our management team (executives included) meets every week to review every customer issue that came up during the previous week. They work together to find ways to improve our products and services and develop processes to prevent or better address those issues in the future.

Name another telecommunications company that does that, as regularly as we do, and at the executive level. Name any type of company that does that. Yeah, we couldn’t either.


So, unless you can talk directly to the CEO of the toaster/vacuum/litter box contraption company, it’s probably best to pass on that offer (no matter how tempting the refrigerator magnet might be). The same holds true for most other services. You have to be sure that when the moment of truth comes, the people on the other end will be there for you as promised. We promise we will.

Here’s What You’ve Said:

Every day, we hear from our customers letting us know how we’re doing. Here are just a couple of comments we’ve recently received from you:

“In all my time as an engineer and IT manager, I have never met a company that not only committed itself so heavily to customer service, but also delivered on all its goals.”

“You've been wonderful! You always called me back when you said you would, and you always found the answers I needed.”

“We have been enjoying trouble - free, affordable service from TelePacific for more than a year now. It was really a great move for us – thank you!!”

“Thank you for your relentless concerted efforts and unparalleled services.”

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