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TelePacific Talks | November 2010

Up to Date News: TelePacific Acquires O1's SMB Business Vendor News | TelePacific

It seems like nowadays we hear way too many stories of companies downsizing. So it’s good to once in a while hear about a company that’s actually growing and thriving. And it’s even better when it’s a company with whom you work.

So prepare to be thrilled, because we sure have some exciting news to share: TelePacific has completed the acquisition of Sacramento-based O1 Communications’ Small-and-Medium Business (SMB) customer base, along with various network assets that support the SMB customers. You may still hear the O1 name, because the company continues to exist as a wholesale provider.

The deal, which closed on October 1st, gave TelePacific all 1,000 of O1’s small and medium business customers and some new assets. TelePacific acquired a state-of-the-art SAS 70 certified data center and various network elements, and added O1’s SMB staff to the TelePacific team.

The acquisition strengthens TelePacific as a company with more customers, additional talented and experienced employees and enhanced capabilities in the Sacramento area. More importantly, it opens up new markets and industries to TelePacific since some industries, such as banking and finance, often can’t work with telecommunications providers unless the provider offers services like a SAS certified data center.

We are excited about the possibilities this deal brings and are eager to share more details in the near future. We anticipate there will be new synergies to capitalize on and we look forward to continuing to build and nurture our relationship with you. It is through these ongoing relationships and your continued support and referrals that TelePacific can continue to grow and be competitive...and so can you.

You’ll be hearing quite a bit from us on O1 and related topics in the next few months, but if you have any questions about the acquisition, give your TelePacific contact a call. We always enjoy hearing from you. Now, let’s celebrate!

Time Saver: OneCentral Portal

Have you heard about the new features available to customers in OneCentral Portal? In case you aren’t familiar, OneCentral is TelePacific’s secure online account management system that can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection. And OCP now offers online Trouble Ticket management.

Customers can now submit technical or billing questions through an easy-to-use Trouble Ticket system on OCP. Once a request has been submitted, users can view ticket status and get problems resolved and questions answered quickly. The Trouble Ticket system also integrates call-in questions so users can view their complete customer care history in one place. How’s that for efficient!

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