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TelePacific Talks | March 2010

Extend Yourself Telepacific

Some people say that you have to push yourself to the limit, stretch your abilities, go outside your comfort zone, for personal growth. The same might be said for successful business growth. Sure, you might be successful doing the same old thing you've always done - but how much greater success could you achieve if you stretched, even just a little?

One of those stretches could be to join a new networking or professional development group. Or it could be to literally stretch, trying one of the at-your-desk stretches ergonomics professionals recommend. Another way to stretch could be to put yourself in your customer's shoes and ask the hard question: what do I really need for my business to be successful?


The answer may surprise you (even though it's you telling yourself what the answer is). Sometimes we get so wrapped up in doing our job that we forget that part of our job is to make our customer's job easier. How can you do that? You've already taken the first step by envisioning what tools and technologies would help them be more productive, efficient and responsive.

A second step would be to extend that thought process beyond your main contact (the president, the purchasing manager, the IT manager...whoever it is) and think about other roles in the company. How could you make the receptionist's job easier? Or the CFO? Or the sales representatives who work in the field most of the time? Putting yourself in the shoes of different people, in different roles, will help you find ways to help them. It will probably also help you, by discovering new products or services to sell them or to recommend to them. So you get financial benefit, goodwill benefit, or both!


Here are some main areas you may want to focus your thinking on - areas where companies may need some help to optimize their operations. Think about security, remote workforce considerations, business continuity and social responsibility/sustainability. If your products are not precisely in those areas, consider some of TelePacific's services.

  • Security:
    OneSecure or 1Net
  • Remote Workforce:
    Remote access through 1Net or OneSecure, Conference Central, Fax to Email
  • Business Continuity:
    RemoteStor, Bonded T1s, Email backup, 1Net Outbound Internet Failover, Remote Access to Call Forwarding, Voicemail, Trunk Group Call Forwarding Outside the Switch
  • Social Responsibility and Sustainability:
    Fax to Email, SmartVoice, OneCentral, RemoteStor, Conference Central, Remote Access through 1Net or OneSecure

So take a few minutes today and stretch - the benefits may be greater than you expected!


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