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June 2014

Guess Who's Turning 41…

Okay, it's not a who; it's a what. But it's a pretty big what. Ethernet is 41 years old this month and is still kicking butt and taking names compared to its peers, delivering easier management, greater flexibility and better price points. Remember, your customers don't have to be sitting on fiber to take advantage of Ethernet with TelePacific. We deliver solutions over copper (EoC), fiber (EoF), fixed wireless (EoFX), time-division multiplexing (EoTDM).

Speaking of Multilocation Solutions…

Many of those Ethernet solutions we mentioned above can help you build strong, reliable solutions for multilocation customers. Another boost is our deep presence in local markets. This month we completed our goal of establishing a significant presence in every major metropolitan area in Texas with the opening of our 5,000 square foot office in Houston It houses 20 sales executives and is located at:

2000 West Loop South
Suite 1150
Houston, TX 77027

We also strengthened our Nevada presence with the appointment of Chris Duggan to Las Vegas sales manager. Chris is a longtime industry and TelePacific veteran ith significant connections to the Vegas business community. The new office is located at:

1181 Grier Drive
Suite #F
Las Vegas, NV 89119

The Cloud by Numbers

We often discuss the omnipresence of "the cloud" and how it's dominating business development discussions. We dug up some sample Cloud Services growth rates to put some tangible numbers on all this hype and reaffirmed that the cloud isn't hype at all — it's a bona fide growth machine. Check out these stats:

67.3% The projected compound annual growth rate of the global Cloud Database and Database-as-a-Service (DaaS) market from 2014 through 2019. Source: MarketsandMarkets

50.4% The projected compound annual growth rate of the worldwide, hosted private cloud services market from 2012 through 2016. Source: IDC

23.5% The projected compound annual growth rate of global public IT cloud services revenues from 2013 through 2017. Source: IDC

15.7% The projected compound annual growth rate of the worldwide Cloud Security market from 2014 through 2019. Source: ReportsnReports

This is the Land of Confusion

The cloud is now being billed as the next great equalizer for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), delivering many of the back-end benefits that have been limited to large enterprises and their scale-driven competitive advantages. As we know from the early days of the World Wide Web, when the same value proposition was floated for websites and digital storefronts, even laggard businesses respond to this type of positioning.

We're all-in when it comes to the cloud — after all it's one of our "Three Cs" — and we also know that many SMB owners and managers struggle with too many choices as well as product naming and branding confusion when it comes to cloud services. This reality is central to our "Three Cs" approach to product organization and delivery. We can't cover every cloud app/service your customers need, but we can take on a whole lot of the headache with email services like Hosted Exchange, Encryption and Archiving, Mozy Desktop and Server Backup, Lync Instant Messaging and Web Conferencing and Microsoft SharePoint Collaboration.

Leverage Headlines to Remind Your Customers About Security

eBay announced the latest headline-grabbing security breach this month. All of this attention to cyber security needs presents you with an opportunity to remind your clients about the need to evaluate security and business continuity measures. Our suggestion is to simply remind your customers that we can do the legwork for them if they know they need better security measures but are struggling to find the time and resources to dig into it.


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