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EoC Speeds Now 200 Mbps

TelePacific Talks | January 2013

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January 2013

The demarcation point between consumer and enterprise electronics has just about been obliterated. That means what happens at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is important for IT professionals to follow. Indeed, with increasing crossover between business and consumer tech, this year's CES event serves as a valuable early warning system for what enterprises will be dealing with in 2013, writes eWeek's Wayne Rash. Some of the important themes and new gadgets coming out of this year's show, courtesy of Rash and Information Management's Justin Kern:

The Augmented Reality Trend: One trend that will be directly felt at the enterprise level is capabilities from "augmented reality" via smartphones, tablets, dashboards and camera feeds. Connecting more devices, and thus, more data sources inside and outside the enterprise, will expand the way advanced analytics are consumed and contribute to expectations from end users of enterprise data sets, according to Saugatuck Technology analyst and blogger, Alex Bakker.

More Devices Doing More Things: We will see more mobile devices that manage the network and even serve as network infrastructure devices that also provide visibility into network assets and operations. This means, among other things, that some of the new WiFi routers can give access to devices that previously didn't have it. So with the right router from Netgear or Cisco, iPads can access network storage services that were previously unavailable. Read more

EoC Bandwidth Speeds Now Up to 200 Mbps

For years industry analysts and commentators have touted fiber as "the future" of internet access. The reality is that fiber-based services are available in only about 30 percent of office buildings across the nation, primarily in downtown metros or large corporate parks because the economics of running fiber do not support geographies with more modest commercial building densities.

That means more than two thirds of businesses today have few options for acquiring very high-speed Internet access. But advancements in technology are allowing increases in data speeds as well as distances from carrier aggregation equipment when using traditional copper wires, making Ethernet over copper (EoC) solutions more attractive for businesses – especially for those located in TelePacific's service footprint.

In November, we announced the availability of EoC speeds of up to 100 Mbps. However, by using the latest 48-port NTUs, delivering 200 Mbps is now possible. The deliverable speed largely depends on the availability and condition of copper pairs and the site's distance to one of our local serving offices (LSOs). The wire gauge can be a factor too, with "large gauge" sometimes extending distances. But in general, the 200 Mbps speed requires 48 pairs of available copper at a distance of 3,000 feet from one of our LSOs. A bandwidth speed of 150 Mbps would require a distance of roughly 4,700 feet from an LSO.

Viable copper is the critical component for both EoC and EoTDM. However, if copper or distance to one of our LSO's is an issue, we have two other access options that might be available: Ethernet over Fixed Wireless (EoFW) and Ethernet over fiber.

Chances are good that businesses in our footprint have at least one if not two or more of our four Ethernet access products available to them. If you would like help with providing a free analysis of accessible bandwidth speeds in your client's location(s), simply contact your agent manager.

SmartVoice Earns Third Consecutive
Product of the Year Award

TMC has named TelePacific's SmartVoice a recipient of the 2012 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year Award for the third consecutive year. SmartVoice dynamically integrates local and long distance calling with Internet access and/or MPLS-based IP VPN services. The solution offers up to 100 Mbps of bandwidth and 120 call paths available via ISDN PRI, CAS, analog phone lines or a SIP network connection, giving customers the flexibility to use either traditional telephony equipment or an IP PBX.

SmartVoice combined with national telephone numbers (NTNs) gives TelePacific customers anchored in California and Nevada the ability to extend telecom access to additional offices coast-to-coast via their private networks. For example, employees headquartered in LA can place calls at local rates to remote offices nationwide, and employees at remote offices can return those calls without incurring long distance charges. In addition, with virtual NTNs, TelePacific customers can establish a local presence in a remote market and similarly take advantage of local dialing. A physical office is not needed in the remote market.



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