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December 2014

Is It Time to Nudge Holdouts from the Fence?

Right now, your customers are looking at expenditures — some for 2014 (getting those last-minute deductions) and some are planning for 2015. In either case, it's a very good time to go to those customers who've been perched on the fence or holding out for the "right time" to adopt/upgrade, so we've gathered some arrows for your quiver.

Ethernet's Red-Hot

We've covered the merits of Ethernet many times, so let's take a quick look at the demand side of the equation. According new research from Vertical Systems Group, enterprises and SMBs will deploy hundreds of thousands of new Ethernet ports over the next several years. By 2018, a million ports will be deployed nationwide. Demand already is booming — last year the total number of deployed ports grew by 26%.

This surging demand is great news for TelePacific partners because we offer Ethernet over everything (fiber, copper, TDM, fixed wireless) to deliver a much more robust offering than megacarriers focused on Ethernet over fiber offerings. One of the strongest selling points for our Ethernet services, which strikes right at the optimistic heart of every small business owner, is that our ability to deliver Ethernet in so many circumstances makes it an expansion-ready, best-in-class option for growth-oriented businesses.

And along this vein, we made a major in-network announcement this month with a hardware deployment that helps us deliver supercharged Ethernet services over all of our service mediums. For more information, check out the blog we ran for our agents this month. And remember, we're available to help you explain our Ethernet services to your prospects and customers any time. Just reach out to your TelePacific contact to make arrangements.

Cloud Already is the New Normal

Many customers have been trying to time cloud adoption and may not realize that they're falling behind their competitors. A statement that is pervasive right now, thanks to Amazon and analysts following the company, makes the case simply and powerfully: "The cloud is the new normal."

The reality of this observation isn't news to you, but its pervasiveness may help you to get those customers trying to time cloud adoption to be "just right" to understand that now is that time. In fact, we can give you a little more ammo for that conversation via an IDG study: 24% percent of IT spending for 2015 already has been allocated to the cloud.

Tips for Selling Cloud Services to SMBs

A guest blog at MSPmentor offers up some sound advice for selling cloud services to customers and in language that you and our other IT-oriented business partners can appreciate. Here's the skinny:

  • A Good Pick Makes a Difference. This is a roundabout way of saying it's important to target the right customers and not spend your time chasing stubborn holdouts. As we told our army of independent agents this month, at TelePacific, we think of holdouts in two categories — those looking for the right time to move (e.g., those who may respond to news that "Cloud is the New Normal" and they've waited long enough) and those who are steadfastly resistant to change. The article at MSPMentor suggests using the IT maturity model to quickly categorize customers into break-fix, responsive, proactive, managed and utility customers. The upshot of the blog is to avoid wasting a whole lot of time with break-fix and responsive (read: reactive) customers because they tend of focus on maintaining infrastructure instead of investing in new products and services.
  • Timing is Everything. Look for these opportunities to move clients into (or further into) the cloud:
    • Hardware at the end of its lifespan
    • Underutilized or expensive internal IT resources
    • Key software requiring expensive upgrades
    • Your prospect/customer must make significant improvements in the protection of critical data
  • Pitch Big-Picture Benefits, Tread Lightly on Product Specs. The strongest benefits of cloud services are enterprise-wide — startup costs, scalability, automatic upgrades, etc. Keep your pitches to senior executives on the big picture and not features.

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