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June 2012

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Guaranteed Performance Critical to Cloud Adoption

Concerns about outages top the list of inhibitors to cloud adoption and communications service providers are viewed as being the most credible and reliable providers of cloud services, according to recently published Alcatel-Lucent research.

The market study was conducted with 3,886 IT decision makers at medium- and large-sized multinational technology firms in seven countries: the United States, U.K., France, India, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

The study points to performance concerns and shortcomings with today's public cloud services, but also reveals rapid adoption of cloud services by major enterprises across a variety of market sectors. Some 44 percent of the IT departments surveyed are optimistic that the weaknesses in today's cloud services will be resolved and they expect to expand the use of cloud services over the next three years. Read more

IT Pays to Specialize in a Vertical Market

The IT channel is becoming more competitive and IT services more commoditized, increasing the need for IT providers to credibly market themselves as having vertical market-specific solutions, according to a white paper by ConnectWise, an IT business management solution provider.

The paper entitled "IT Pays to Specialize in a Vertical Market" explains how IT providers can grow through a targeted approach to marketing and sales, asserting that specialization is the key. Vertical markets such as legal, accounting, construction or manufacturing, to name a few, provide managed IT services providers with the ability to focus on building expertise and credibility in particular industries or types of businesses so they can direct sales and marketing activities where they will be most effective. Read more

Fixed Wireless as a Business Continuity Measure

Businesses frequently use fixed wireless circuits as their primary broadband access solution. However, since Internet access has become the lifeblood of so many companies already using wireline access solutions (T1, Ethernet over Copper, etc.), many are turning to fixed wireless as a back-up measure to support business continuity and network redundancy.

The majority of Internet access outages are due to problems with local access, usually involving accidental fiber cuts or issues with shared copper wiring during inclement weather. So it makes a lot of sense for Internet-dependent businesses to use fixed wireless back-up circuits as a failover measure for local access continuity. After all, if Internet access is interrupted, there can be significant impact on productivity, sales and revenues. Read more



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