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August 2014

What BYOA Means for Your Customers

BYOA, or bring-your-own-application, is the latest bring-your-own wave that businesses must contend with. In a nutshell BYOA is the result of widespread cloud services adoption as employees are accessing their own cloud applications while at work. BYOA is similar to BYOD (bring-your-own-device) in that, on one hand, businesses can leverage employee investments in their own personal tech in order to perform better on the job, but, on the other, it creates security challenges.

Since BYOA is quickly becoming an issue that businesses of all sizes must contend with, it's starting to get attention from the press. Business News Daily has published an article with advice for business owners and advisers on how deal with BYOA. These include:

Take inventory. Open a dialog with employees to determine which apps are being used on the corporate network.

Embrace BYOA. Employees are using these apps to get their jobs done, which translates directly to productivity benefits.

Create a plan. Develop a list of approved applications and a submission and review process for new apps.

Build a technology stack. Deploy the applications in demand by users and roll out SaaS application monitoring to assist with app and policy management.

Manage identities, not devices or apps. With BYOA and BYOD (bring-your-own-device) connections becoming too diverse to effectively manage them all on the security front, companies should develop unique digital entities for each employee to access for any-and-all work activities.

At TelePacific, we view BYOA as an extension of the cloud adoption dynamic we discussed earlier this year wherein it was revealed that cloud adoption inside the enterprise is much higher than IT managers realize. It stands to reason that personal cloud adoption also would reach into the enterprise as employees become increasingly dependent upon software for their own productivity (inside and outside the office). Just as we can perform audits to help your customers get their arms round shadow IT purchasing within the enterprise, we can help them to better manage the increasingly complex interactions between employee devices and applications and company networks. Call your TelePacific manager for more information.

Q3 Vendor SPIF Can Put Money In Your Pocket

Earn fast, easy money — just for a lead. Contact your sales rep for more details!

New Product: Contact Center
for TelePacific Hosted PBX

We're pleased to share with you a new product announcement that can deliver significant benefits to your customers — especially those with call centers and multiple locations — Contact Center for TelePacific Hosted PBX. Contact Center is a cloud-based solution for that delivers your customers a next-generation call center solution that increases functionality while reducing costs. We're arming our sales teams channel partners with the following benefits to use as talking points with customers:

Low cost of entry . Since Contact Center is a cloud-based service, customers gain all the benefits of a feature-rich platform without the up-front expenditures of hardware and software installation and integration.

Fast deployment. Since there are no platforms to integrate, Contact Center can be deployed in days instead of weeks.

Reliability. Contact Center is backed by carrier-class availability, delivering greater resilience than on-premise equipment, location routing during power or transmission outages.

Instant scalability. New agents can be turned up on-demand, providing real-time operational scalability.

Lower total cost of ownership. Contact Center's any user, anywhere value proposition reduces the need for office space and equipment, delivering significant indirect savings in addition to savings generated from the elimination of on-site equipment, software and maintenance expenses.

Seamless integration with Hosted PBX. With Contact Center, you and your customers will always have a single point of contact for service.

Make sure you discuss Contact Center with your TelePacific manager for all the details.

New General Manager

As you may recall, we've been expanding our local presence in Texas this year with new offices in Richardson, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Corpus Christi and Houston.

In the Houston market, we just announced the appointment of Tod Doughty as the general manager of sales for the Houston office. Doughty comes to TelePacific from Sprint, where he was the general manager of enterprise sales for Houston.

In a press statement, Daughty said: "Houston's about as vibrant and exciting a market as you can imagine, and I've been fortunate to work with many businesses here over the past ten years as they've grown and helped put Texas at the center of the national economy. TelePacific's incredible suite of connectivity, cloud and continuity solutions, coupled with its proven history of industry-leading customer service, was a compelling reason for me to jump at the chance to join this team."


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