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September 2014

As you know, we've been encouraging our partners to get in on the cloud revolution — not only for added revenues to but make sure they are capturing revenue replacements for the legacy IT equipment and other products that are being replaced by cloud versions. The cloud transition is as important for you as it is your customers. It's important for us, too, and why we've rolled best-of-class cloud services into our portfolio. We're all in this together.

This month, two more significant cloud statistics hit the market. The first is an indicator statistic. Chromebook sales are set to triple by 2017. And while you may not sell a whole lot of Chromebooks in your business activities, the fact that these low-cost, Internet-dependent devices are taking off is very strong indicator of cloud services demand.

The second is a more straightforward stat. By 2020, eight in 10 small businesses will have adapted their businesses to cloud services. This statistic by itself isn't earth shattering — we all know the cloud adoption wave is a tsunami — but the researchers who provided this forecast (Emergence Research working for Intuit) also offered a very useful grouping of four different types of small business cloud adopters. We see lots of opportunity for crossover adoption drivers, and evolution from one category to the next within the groupings, but they provide a great starting point for quickly sizing up your prospects and customers. And they provide great talking points for helping your customers understand why they should be adopting cloud services themselves.

Target #1: The Plug-in Player

This is the adopter that will use the cloud for basic business functions — accounting, human resources, marketing and list management — etc. We see this type of adopter buying primarily on one of two value propositions — the "focus on your own business, not IT" proposition and for old-fashioned cost savings (especially when it comes time for business expansion).

Target #2: The Hive

The hive is what last month's announcement of Contact Center for TelePacific Hosted PBX is all about. Using advanced cloud services, business owners and managers can string together virtual business operations or operations teams. As with Plug-in Players, cost savings can be a major factor here as well. (Bringing this back full circle, think of the facilities, startup and maintenance costs wiped away or minimized by Contact Center.)

Target #3: Head-to-Headers

We think of this business player as the giant slayer. Head-to-headers are the companies that use technology, and their ability to quickly evolve from one technology to another, to compete head-to-head with entrenched, large corporations. Using cloud services, these companies have the potential to shake up certain industries the same way dot-coms overturned travel businesses in the 1990s.

Target #4: Portfoliosts

We're not really sure why the researchers didn't simply call this group freelancers, because that's what it is. Portfoliosts use cloud technologies to find and manage jobs without having to staff- or scale-up too quickly.

If you need help finding solutions for any of these customer types (or others), call your TelePacific representatives and we'll make sure your customers are set up not only with cloud services to help them compete, but reliable connectivity and continuity services so they get the most from their migration to the cloud.

Learn More, Earn More webinar series

TelePacific is launching a new bi-monthly webinar series titled: Learn More, Earn More. This new series of vendor-centric educational webinars is part of our commitment to maximizing the value we bring to our VP Alliance partners. The series will offer practical tips, selling strategies and best practice ideas to help you respond to your customers' evolving business needs and expand your business.

The next Learn More, Earn More webinar, "Why Smarter Businesses are Using the Cloud," will be held on September 16 at 8:30 am PDT (10:30 am CDT). You'll not only learn how Cloud-based solutions like Microsoft Hosted Exchange Email, BYOD with Mobile Device Manager (MDM), Microsoft Lync IM and Web Conferencing, Desktop Backup, and Microsoft SharePoint Collaboration are creating new market opportunities, but how to identify ideal customers based on their unique business applications and needs. Register here.


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