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October 2014

TelePacific's Ethernet Ecosystem

Lately, we've been clueing you into a big disconnect between the big fiber companies and their customers. When they tout their "Ethernet everywhere" ethos, what they really mean is they offer Ethernet everywhere they have fiber, not Ethernet everywhere your customer needs it. Simple network economics prohibit fiber's reach, but customers are demanding Ethernet service so we've also been detailing our Ethernet-over-everything approach to the marketplace.

At the same time, we've been driving home the value proposition of the "Three Cs" that comprise our product line, and how they work well both separately and together to deliver customers the most comprehensive set of connectivity, cloud and continuity services in the marketplace.

To better define the relationship between TelePacific's Ethernet architecture and cloud versus other offerings, David Zahn, our senior vice president of Sales and Marketing, explained in this Carrier Ethernet News article how the "Three Cs" we deliver are enabled by our proprietary Ethernet access system.

We Can Help You and Your Customers
with Local Support Anywhere in Texas

We just celebrated the expansion of our office in Austin, Texas. The 7,000 square foot office — located at 111 Congress Avenue, Suite 1200 — houses more than 40 sales executives, management and network operations professionals focused on the small- and medium-business (SMB) market. When you or your customers need local support anywhere in Texas (we've got a presence in every major metro in the state), we'll have you covered. Simply call your TelePacific representative.

When No One's Secure, It's Time for OneSecure

If there's one constant your customers are thinking of this year, it's security. Especially as high-profile breaches just keep pouring in including recent hits on Home Depot, JP Morgan Chase and celebrity iCloud accounts. Security is a complex issue and sometimes our own behaviors put us at greater risk. We posted a security tips blog for customers that you can share with your own customer. Tips include:

• Using secure, unique passwords on accounts and devices
• Using two-factor authentication when available
• Enable locks and passwords on computers and phone
   (and other smart device) accounts
• Keeping operating systems up to date

On the security management side of the fence for businesses, security challenges come from lax security protocols, waning software upgraded, stretched budgets and inconsistent standards and protocols between locations or departments or even work stations.

If you've been wanting to approach your customers with a security solution — whether to add revenues, protect your customers from someone who beats you to it or just because it seems the right thing to do in the current business climate — our OneSecure solution is a great place to start. It's a fully managed offering, it's got a low cost of entry with easy scalability and it's based on best-of-breed technology and practices.

Key Value Propositions


Access to best-of-breed technology that's continually tested in the real world


Easy installation and automatic/continuous upgrades


Low up-front capital expenditures


Detailed reporting (30 portal dashboard reports including all Internet activity and attacks)


Empowers your customers to redirect their focus onto their businesses

Contact your TelePacific rep for information on how we can help you roll out OneSecure (and other products) to your customers.


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