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January 2012

7 Technology Predictions for 2012

Early this year, as in the previous year, cloud solutions and enterprise mobility are dominating the discussion among industry analysts. To kick off the year, we have compiled some of the more interesting data and predictions that could impact our vendor partners in 2012.

  1. Capital spending on server hardware and virtualization software will slow as spending on cloud computing rises, according to recent research published by CIO Magazine. The study also suggests that a significant chunk of enterprise spending will shift to mobile devices, applications and development tools.
  2. Tablets will become real business tools. Some tell-tale signs: Forrester Research predicts more than 77 percent of organizations will support Google Android and iOS devices next year. Also, a recent survey by the NPD Group reveals that 73 percent of small to medium-sized businesses will buy tablets such as Apple's iPad.

Read all 7 predictions and get direct links to supporting data.

Security Best Practices for 'Mobile Enterprises'

The proliferation of mobile devices is having a profound impact on network security. More users with more devices running more apps from more locations demands changes to the enterprise network, according to a new white paper from Juniper Networks, which outlines security practices to help cope with changes in the unwired enterprise.

Today, enterprise network security needs to be flexible enough to deliver different levels of service to different types of devices depending on how secure they are, while maintaining the granular manageability needed to ensure that policies are applied continuously and consistently based on user identity and profile.

Download the Juniper whitepaper for more details on security trends. For details on our mobile solutions or mobile bundle promotion, contact your TelePacific sales rep.

The Great Restructuring: Our Transforming Economy

In the book Race Against the Machine: How the Digital Revolution is Accelerating Innovation, Driving Productivity, and Irreversibly Transforming Employment and the Economy, authors Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee assert that Murphy's Law and the application of computer technology to core economic activities are changing operational models of business so dramatically that we are undergoing a disruptive and transforming economic shift.

The authors are convinced that we are not in a "Great Recession, or a Great Stagnation, rather that we are in the early throes of a Great Restructuring," and they make a convincing case by showing how computer and information technologies have accelerated productivity gains at such a rate that the economy cannot absorb the excess labor. In other words, technology has raced past human capacity to keep up. It's made our businesses so innovative and productive that persistent unemployment at levels we're not used to will continue until we can adapt and catch up to the Great Restructuring, which could be awhile.

If high unemployment in the U.S. persists – and most economists predict it will – chances are good that customers in many business verticals will consume less in 2012, putting more revenue pressure on companies and forcing them to increase productivity while meticulously managing costs. In this kind of business environment, there's a good chance that many of your clients could use help with identifying areas of potential workforce productivity and efficiency that may be realized through infrastructure or communications improvements.

We have the expertise and experience to guide them through the process. In addition, if your clients need telco infrastructure upgrades in 2012, our leasing program can assist. Your client may choose any vendor, data or telephone equipment desired and pays for it over time on their monthly phone bill.

To read the first few pages of Race Against the Machine, click the link and then the book cover on the web page. Contact your sales representative for more TelePacific leasing program details.


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