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Vendor Newsletters | November 2010

TelePacific Talks: 'Tis the Season to Take Some Time Off TelePacific Talks | Tis The Season

With a number of holidays quickly approaching, many of you are eagerly looking at your Outlook calendar, counting how many more days before you reach all those calendar dates that are blocked off—vacation! Finally, an excuse to get out of the office for a few days, spend time with family and friends, and hopefully not have to worry (too much) about work.

You know that the more you prepare prior to taking off on your holiday escapades, the less you’ll have to worry about work and the more you can relax. Since we’re always looking out for your mental health and chillaxin’ time, here are a few tips on taking care of business before taking your much-needed vacation.

  1. Who’s on First? Make a schedule of who is taking vacations and when. Will the office always be covered or will there be days that will be completely shut down? By knowing who is available and responsible for that day’s business, you can more easily let go of your worries and know that business is being handled.
  2. The Buck Stops Where? Have a plan to deal with the days when there’s nobody in the office. Can you redirect incoming business calls to one person to answer while everyone is out on vacation? Or are you okay with not getting back to existing or prospective customers until after the holidays?
  3. Is that To Go? Do your employees have company-issued mobile phones? If so, they can easily monitor their work email in case time-sensitive client issues arise. Of course, you want them to enjoy their vacations, but things do come up and it’s good for employees to be accessible if needed.
  4. Is it Safe? Nothing puts a damper on a deep-sea giant squid fishing expedition like getting a call from your office telling you that all the data on the server has been lost because one of your employees decided to do a little online holiday shopping at work and mistakenly logged on to a nefarious phishing website, causing a Trojan horse virus to invade your system like what happened in that Virgil book. Okay, so maybe I didn’t finish reading the The Aneid. Regardless, you lose all your data and now you have to cut your trip short in order to get back to work and try to restart your business from scratch—and with no mounted giant squid trophy to show for your efforts.

    Avoid this incredibly likely scenario by setting up a data backup system ahead of time. An easy way of doing this is through a remote data storage service, such as RemotStor, which backs up your data nightly to an off-site location and can easily restore it in the event of viruses, fires, earthquakes, alien abductions or Armageddon. You’re all covered. So if one of those things does happen, you can rest assured that your data is being restored and business can continue while you concentrate on getting your Captain Nemo on and hunting down that great giant squid. Okay, so maybe I didn’t finish reading 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea either...but I saw the movie.

  1. Share the Love. Don’t rely on your hotel, lodge, cruise ship, camping tent, sweat lodge or whatever place you lay your head at night while on vacation to provide you with the Internet access you might need to stay connected. If your company has Wi-Fi hotspot devices, like the MiFi’s and Aircards offered by TelePacific, you can create a Wi-Fi hotspot and connect to your office or the Internet anytime. Not only that, but you can also share your connection. That way, if you need to take a few minutes out from snowboarding to check in on a customer’s account, your kids can share your Wi-Fi and play some video games on their Gameboys or PSPs, letting you concentrate on quickly taking care of business. Hey, and if you need a break from the kids after a few days, we won’t blame you if you use work as an excuse to log on and have your kids occupy themselves playing video games.

Now that you’ve thought about and planned for your absence, you can enjoy your vacation and minimize work and worries during your time off. You can go back to marking Xs on each day on the calendar as vacation draws nearer. Is that where the term “Xmas” came from?

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