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The Big Bad Wolf

Vendor Newsletters | May 2010

TelePacific Talks: Protect Your Company from the Big Bad Wolf Telepacific

Everyone has heard the story of the Big Bad Wolf and those three little pigs he harasses. That wolf had nefarious intentions and he just wouldn’t give up! The only pig that outwitted the wolf did so by anticipating his methods of attack and protecting himself against those attacks.

What can we learn from that fairytale? Besides, of course, that it’s better to live in a house made of bricks than in one made of straw or sticks. We learned a few things: it’s important to protect yourself and your assets from attack. Try to anticipate the attack so you can strengthen your defenses. It’s better to be a little over-prepared than to be caught off-guard.

The story of the three little pigs is quite a good analogy for security. While it may not be actual wolves at your door, there are people out there with nefarious intentions who will stop at nothing to get what they want. And while we always hope they won’t want what we have, it’s best to take precautions and be safe.

TelePacific has (unofficially) named May Security Month. It’s a good time to take a look at your security measures and think about whether you have too little or just the right amount of protection. For instance, you might have security software like a firewall—do you regularly download updates to keep your protection current? You might have antivirus protection on your network—do you also have an antivirus program on your telecommuters’ laptops?

Security measures and software are constantly evolving to try to stay one step ahead of the big bad wolf. It can be difficult to keep up and ensure your network, confidential information and employees are protected from the ever-changing threats. That’s one reason security experts recommend having layers of security as an extra precaution. That means having an antivirus program on laptop and desktop computers to catch anything that slipped through the network antivirus protection. Even things as simple as having locks on your server room doors to ensure only those authorized to be there can get in the room.

Another way to keep ahead of the security threats is to use a product or work with a company that specializes in security and constantly monitors threats. Take TelePacific’s OneSecure managed security service for example. OneSecure offers intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, firewalls, network and desktop/laptop anti-virus, spam filtering, web content filtering and more.

But TelePacific doesn’t specialize in security, you might say. And you’re right—we partner with a security expert on OneSecure. That’s where the “managed security service” comes into play. OneSecure users get a top-notch product that is managed by security experts. And not just updated on a regular basis, but monitored and managed


24/7/365. Security experts are always at the ready to address new threats and keep OneSecure users safe, so there is less for the user to worry about.

So take advantage of your newfound knowledge—both of the need to do a security check and of the amazing relevance of the story of the three little pigs—and make sure your organization is protected. The big bad wolf is out there somewhere...don’t let him get you!

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