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Vendor Newsletters | June 2013

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June 2013

TelePacific's Network Monitor Tames
the Devil in the Details

TelePacific is giving users of its 1Net Internet-based Virtual Private Network (IP VPN) a new tool that provides at-a-glance understanding of their network's performance. Network Monitor's web-based dashboard gives executives and systems engineers alike an instantly understandable picture of both enterprise-wide and individual interface performance.

Top 10 lists break out key performance metrics that spotlight the hotspots where network overutilization could build into potential problems. Clear visual icons and real-time reporting immediately illuminate the big picture of network performance and then pinpoint exactly where to use Network Monitor's powerful reporting capabilities to drill down to specific trouble spots.

The devil, of course, is always in those details and Network Monitor gives TelePacific's customers the tools they need to understand them. Network Monitor's web portal access to performance reporting highlights trends and problem spots, with user-customizable reports available that enable customers to see trend reporting and historical tracking over the time frames most relevant to them. For more information about TelePacific's Network Monitor tool, please click here.

1 Out of 4 Businesses Believe Tech Isn't Important

Makes you wonder how many Amish there really are in the U.S., doesn't it?

Still, for most of us — about 75 percent of business and IT executives, according to new research by the IT industry non-profit association CompTIA — technology is as essential to business success as a sharp blade is to a woodcarver. Considering our growing dependence on computers, IT and the Internet, that's not very surprising data. And, in a telling sign of technology's mainstream importance, the survey also found the majority plan to spend more on IT this year, with 40 percent expecting to hire new IT staff in 2013, even though economic forecasts remain mixed.

The reason? Technology is increasingly vital to achieving strategic priorities, including reaching new customers, improving productivity and capabilities, reducing costs and overhead, and innovating more effectively, said survey respondents. By a large majority, business operators say they are interested in improving their utilization of IT, with just 15 percent saying they are "exactly where we want to be."

The top technology priorities for the next 12 months:

   Data storage and backup
   Network infrastructure
   Web presence, including e-commerce
   Updating aging computers and software

The CompTIA study also reveals that cyber-security threat levels are increasing. "As businesses rely more heavily on the 'Internet of Things,' security, data loss and privacy concerns will affect more companies on more levels than ever before," explains Tim Herbert, vice president, research, CompTIA.

Indeed, Symantec Corp. reported a 42 percent increase in targeted attacks from 2011 to 2012. Designed to steal intellectual property, these targeted cyber espionage attacks are increasingly hitting small businesses, which were the target of 31 percent of attacks in 2012. Apparently, small businesses are attractive targets themselves and offer a "way in" to reach larger organizations through "watering hole" techniques.

In today's increasingly connected business environment, security issues are top of mind for nearly all businesses, including ours. Because we operate sizable LAN and WAN networks, we have experience with all manner of security issues and best practices, which is why we frequently work with associations and other groups to educate industry professionals on preventative measures to protect networks and critical infrastructure.

We also have many years of experience equipping customers with business continuity and security solutions that safeguard their networks from malicious attacks. If you're considering strengthening your security defenses, please do not hesitate to leverage our expertise and use us as a resource.

Consumers Like Emails from Brands,
But Not Too Many

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) recently conducted concurrent surveys that size up marketer and consumer perceptions. One asked 409 consumers and the other 257 executives about the effectiveness of different marketing channels. The respondents included roughly equal numbers of executives from six consumer products industries — clothing, banking, travel, media, entertainment and automotive. The highlights:

  • Consumers say they most prefer email for both initial product introduction and post-sale follow-up
  • Consumers are put off by superficial personalization, but they appreciate customized product recommendations.
  • When conducting their final pre-purchase assessment, consumers prefer personal referrals (36%), referrals by trusted websites (33%), email (30%), in-store promos (28%), printed catalogues (23%), company social media/blogs (20%), and third-party social media/blogs (16%).
  • Marketing executives underestimate consumer concerns about privacy. Consumers are most concerned about data and preferences collected through "opt-in" processes, which they fear will be shared with third parties regardless of company privacy policies.

As notes, the survey results suggest that email remains atop the various communication channels at various stages of the purchase cycle. And yet, consumers want to have their proverbial cake and eat it too: when asked to select their top 3 annoyances about online marketing channels when they are trying to learn about consumer products, 56 percent of consumers selected the option stating the volume of marketing email they receive is too much for them to read. It appears that companies must walk a tightrope when it comes to email. They need to use it because consumers prefer it as a communications channel, but they also need to be careful not to abuse it by sending too many messages.


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