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April 2011

TelePacific Welcomes Covad Wireless

After two years in the works, we're happy to announce that TelePacific has acquired fixed wireless Internet service provider Covad Wireless. We're excited to welcome 3,500 Covad Wireless broadband and fixed wireless customers to the TelePacific family and are equally excited about the new services and bandwidth options that will be available to our existing customers as a result of this acquisition.

As a TelePacific customer, you will now have access an industry-leading wireless infrastructure. This means even more high-speed bandwidth options for your telecommunications needs. With our new wireless service, you can access speeds up to 100 Mbps. Our wireless services are scalable, so your bandwidth can start as low as 1 Mbps and increase as your business grows. Better yet, because we will now be able to offer these wireless services on our own networks, there's no need to wait for third-party providers and lines can be provisioned FAST. And because our wireless Internet service doesn’t require a router or DSL modem, your business can even save some money in the process.

Combine the new wireless options with our array of TelePacific services, and you have options for great built-in redundancies and business continuity solutions. We look forward to sharing more with you about how this acquisition benefits you and your business.

If you have any more questions or would like further information on how this merger strengthens your telecom experience, check out

It's Okay to be Redundant

Redundancy is a good thing when it comes to your network connections. TelePacific offers assurance in continuous telecommunications service with myriad business continuity solutions.

Why is network redundancy important? You might have T1 or Ethernet-over-copper service at your office and think that wireless service as a back-up might not be necessary. But planning for the times that a “what if” becomes a “what is” is imperative to business continuity. Having a back-up plan — like wireless service — ensures that your business can continue to run smoothly even when emergency incidents occur. A small investment on your part can pay off in dividends in business continuity assurance.

TelePacific Offers Myriad
Business Continuity Solutions

Internet and office connections aren’t the only way that you can enhance your business continuity solutions. TelePacific offers other services that help you rest assured that you have a smart business back-up plan. Colocation services allow you to install equipment in carrier-grade facilities that have the highest levels of safety and security, without the burden of maintenance costs and expensive equipment installation. TelePacific’s Email Backup service will receive and temporarily store your inbound emails in case your server, line or power goes out. And remote network access to call forwarding means you can forward your main phone line anywhere at any time. If there is an emergency, you only need to make one call in to the TelePacific switch so that inbound calls have a way of reaching you.

These are just three of the many ways that TelePacific is working on ensuring that your business continues to operate smoothly and effectively, even when the unexpected happens.

Toll Free Ring-To Puts the Power in Your Hands

If you’re using TelePacific’s OneCentral portal, you not only have the ability to view and manage your account online, submit and track trouble tickets and review and pay your invoices—you can also easily make changes to your Toll Free Ring-To preferences from anywhere you can connect to OneCentral.

All changes are reflected and implemented immediately, and you can make as many changes as you want. Better yet, it’s free when you use OneCentral to make any changes. It’s just another way TelePacific gives you more control over your telecommunications services.


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