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April 2014

SMB Spending on the Rise

If like many small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), other SMBs make up a significant portion of your own customer base, new spending trends are welcome news. A slew of new data points to increased demand in small business borrowing and investment as we move into the second quarter.

Aside from the potential for new sales opportunities for your own firm, this data suggests that your company is likely to invest in new technologies, which, according to survey data from j2 GLobal, make up a significant portion of spending priorities.

But that may not be all you have in common with other business owners and managers. Findings from a study by SCORE for the fifth annual edition of Brother International's Brother Small Business Survey revealed that nearly two-thirds of small business owners are overwhelmed by all the technology solutions available in the market today. Further, business owners are split down the middle on the question of whether or not it's riskier to adopt technologies while they're unproven (and potentially pricier) or to wait for tried-and-true services and potentially slide to a competitive disadvantage in the marketplace.

We've Got You Covered

This sentiment — that technology selection is becoming a burdensome process — is why we rolled out our "Three Cs" value proposition of Connect, Cloud and Continuity. With all of these marketplace challenges in mind, we developed a single-source solution that gets your attention out of our business and back on to your own. Here are five reasons you can trust TelePacific to manage so many of your companies IT and communications needs:

Stability: TelePacific is a $600 million, financially stable company with six consecutive recognitions by Inc. Magazine as one of America's fastest growing companies.

Service: No firm has a better track record on customer service and satisfaction than TelePacific.

Selectivity: We've screened our cloud offerings to deliver only reliable, effective solutions delivered by market-leading cloud services partners. After all, if they're part of our suite, we have to stand behind them (and maintain our best-in-class customer satisfaction and complaint resolution rates).


PPC vs SEO for SMBs

Digital marketing can be challenging for SMBs — especially when it comes to choosing between pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns. Huffington Post published a new blog/tip sheet on the subject from digital marketing expert Jonathan Long. According to Long, the best programs have a little of each, so they help to counter their own weaknesses. Still, there are distinct advantages and disadvantages to both. Here's a quick rundown:


PPC Advantages

• Instant website traffic
• Full control of content and traffic flow
• Immune to search engine algorithm updates
• Potential for brand dominance (when paired with top-tier SEO)
• Laser-like audience targeting

PPC Disadvantages

• Can be very expensive if campaigns are not executed correctly
• Requires extensive testing
• Requires constant reoptimization


SEO Advantages

• Natural exposure and credibility
• Significant ROI potential
• Exposure on multiple search engines

SEO Disadvantages

• Delayed success (successful SEO campaigns take time)
• Significant competition (including companies with much
  deeper pockets and higher levels of content)
• Vulnerable to changes in search engine algorithms


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