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Vendor Newsletters | October 2014

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October 2014

Small Businesses Going Online for Capital Needs

Banks are still the primary source of capital for small businesses, but some alternative lenders are gaining traction, according a new article posted at Forbes based on working paper at Harvard Business School. These alternative lenders are driving lending innovation, simplifying the application process and increasing the speed of capital delivery. How much faster? They're cutting the average 25 hours a small business spends on applications and loan agreements at the local bank branch down to less than 30 minutes.

According to the piece, there are three emerging models in the online small business lending space. Click the image below for the article.

Wearable Tech is Aiming for Your Business

When we think of wearable tech, we think of fitness trackers, watches and clumsy (at least so far) interfaces with our smartphones. But we also know the space will evolve to better solutions quickly. And while we all know there’s a huge wave of wearable tech on the horizon, we don’t tend to think of its business applications beyond the potential for marketing opportunities via device content and applications. That’s all about to change.

Wearable tech holds the potential to have significant impacts on employee security, tracking, productivity and, of course innovation (and indispensable uses in the future that nobody’s thought of yet today). There’s already been discussion about the ability to use wearables to track and deploy employees strategically in settings ranging from the warehouse to the restaurant. In light of recent controversies surrounding interaction between civilians and police, placing wearable video cameras on police officers has bee discussed as well. And some companies already have taken the wearables plunge according to an article by ZDNet.

As wearables go mainstream over the next year, we’ll provide you with tips on applications, management and, since they’re yet more devices that will be connected to your company network, security.

Summer of Beaches, Summer of Breaches

Security challenges remain front and center this month as Apple and JP Morgan Chase recently became the latest megabrands to suffer highly visible security breaches. We came across a Mashable article pointing out that sometimes we're our own worst enemies when it comes to online security and provided a quick reference list for helping to keep your online accounts and information secure.

We built the list out with some of our own insights so you can share it with your employees. Not only will it help to keep their personal lives more secure, but they'll learn the types of practices they need to be employing at work as well.

While on the subject of security, we'd be remiss if we didn't point out that TelePacific services can take away many of your security management headaches. Here are some highlights from our OneSecure managed services offering including six layers of protection:

Firewall: The basic function of a firewall is to either lock or unlock ports to allow or prevent traffic into your network.

Intrusion Protection System (IPS): Once you have determined which ports you need open and closed on the firewall, you need to monitor the open ports to ensure that malicious traffic is not allowed in the network. Our IPS system uses deep packet inspection to analyze network traffic and block packets known to match thousands of malicious code signatures. If the IPS system detects malicious activity, those packets are blocked from entering your network.

Gateway Antivirus: Hackers have become more serious in recent years by attaching malicious code to high traffic web sites. Once an unsuspecting visitor clicks on this web site, a virus, worm or other malicious code can be downloaded to the unsuspecting machine. Gateway AV thwarts these attacks by checking all HTTP, HTTPs, SMTP and FTP traffic for malicious code embedded within the traffic and blocks access to infected sites.

Web Content Filtering: This service helps you implement company policies associated with preventing unauthorized web browsing.

SPAM Filtering: This service passes all incoming email through a multi-layered SPAM filtering system that blocks or identifies/categorizes inbound SPAM. This processing takes place outside of your network, reducing network traffic and email server processing.

Virtual Private Network (VPN): VPN allows individual employees, remote office locations, and/or suppliers to securely connect to your local area network.

For more information about OneSecure, contact your TelePacific representative or check out our managed security services web page.


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