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January 2011

Smartphones Now Available
through TelePacific Mobile

TelePacific has begun fulfilling orders for mobile phones as part of the
expansion of its mobile services. Companies looking for mobile
solutions can now get their mobile phones, remote Internet access,
voice and data services from one provider and all neatly organized in one invoice.

We currently offer two different BlackBerry models in addition to several laptop connectivity options. BlackBerry devices were selected for their security and focus on business solutions. Other devices will be introduced later in the year.

If you’re interested in giving your employees the flexibility to be productive away from the office while having full access to the company’s data and resources on the road, contact your rep or visit us at

Mobile Services as Part of a
Business Continuity Plan

We naturally think of mobile services as a great tool to conduct business on the go. And they definitely do help increase productivity while on the road or when working remotely. But did you ever think that mobile services can also be an integral part of your business continuity plan?

Think about it—in the event of a disaster or an incident that impairs access to your office building, mobile phones can help keep employees connected and productive. They are also a great way to get in touch with customers and other employees to apprise them of your situation. Furthermore, tools like the MiFi, which allows you to instantly set up a mobile WiFi hotspot, enable up to five computers to have Internet access. This means you can easily set up a remote office with phones and Internet access, allowing you to continue your business while the immediate situation is resolved.

Add a service like RemoteStor to the mix and you’ll be able to have all of your office data restored on any computer with Internet access. You’ll have a fully-functioning office in no time.

TelePacific can help you prepare for the unexpected with a whole suite of services and products to help your business not skip a beat during an emergency.

Data Center Benefits Without
the Cost of Building One

Building and maintaining a state-of-the-art (or even a decent) data center can be a large and costly endeavor. However, as your business grows and the demand for more bandwidth, equipment and data security increases, a data center may be just the thing you need. However, you don’t have to be saddled with the high cost of building your own data center because we offer great colocation services.

We offer a variety of facilities, including our newest location—an SAS70 certified data center in Sacramento. With our colocation service, you can install your equipment in carrier-grade facilities without the high cost of building and maintaining it yourself. You can enjoy high bandwidth access without having to install expensive DS3’s or fiber connections to your premises. And you get the security and redundancy necessary for mission-critical applications.

You have a choice of how much space you'd like to have and the peace of mind of knowing that we maintain the facility’s environment at optimal levels to protect equipment and ensure everything is functioning properly. You're also enhancing your business continuity plan by housing your equipment in a safe place, separate from your regular offices. In case of an emergency or disaster, you will still have access to your mission-critical applications. Contact your rep to learn about our colocation services or to set up a tour of one of our facilities.

Toll Free Ring-To Changes Can Now
Be Made Free Through OneCentral

If you're using the Toll Free Ring-To feature, you can now easily make changes online from anywhere. Previously, you had to call Customer Care to make any change, incurring a $50 charge. Now you can simply access your Toll Free Ring-To set-up through the OneCentral Portal and make changes yourself at no cost. The changes are reflected immediately.

This new feature is particularly beneficial if you’re out of your office and need to reroute your number to ring at a different location. All you need is a OneCentral Portal account. If you haven’t set one up yet, you can do so here.

One caveat, this new feature only applies to toll free numbers without advanced routing features. And the regular charge still applies if you contact Customer Care to have them make changes for you. Check out OneCentral or contact your rep to learn how you can take advantage of this new feature.


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