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June 2011

OCiX Acquisition Complete

Our family has grown once again — and you didn't even know that we were expecting did you? Earlier this month, we finalized the acquisition of Orange County Internet Exchange (OCiX), a dedicated provider of neutral, carrier-class colocation services.

We're all about offering comprehensive solutions for your telecom needs. That's our scene. This latest acquisition attests to the fact that we’re continuously adjusting our service offerings to meet our customers’ needs. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to streamline the transition and ramp up the new services. So just what’s in store?

New SAS 70 Datacenter

We now have a SAS 70 certified datacenter in southern California which is a great complement to our Sacramento facility. Colocation is a prime ingredient for a stellar business continuity recipe. By adding additional capacity to our datacenter network we're expanding our available infrastructure to help you grow your businesses strategically. Both the Sacramento and the Santa Ana datacenters are transitioning to SSAE 16, the latest auditing standard that is evolving from SAS 70. We'll have more information on SSAE 16 and what it all means in an upcoming newsletter.

To celebrate the addition of the new datacenter, we're offering special pricing on cabinet space, power and bandwidth at all our datacenter and colocation facilities, including Irvine, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, San Rafael and Santa Ana (OCiX). This is a perfect opportunity for you to get into a colocation center and safeguard your business continuity while saving money. Contact your TelePacific sales representative to learn more or schedule a tour.

Equipment Leasing

Sometimes it just makes sense to lease. It's a great way to grow your business without a large capital outlay or to be prepared for the evolution of technology. Whatever the reason may be, our leasing program can provide you with the telecom equipment you need under terms that you'll like. Best of all, you call the shots. When you use TelePacific's phone and data services you can lease from any name brand vendor so you're free to choose the equipment that best fits your needs.

We'll eliminate the guesswork by streamlining your equipment lease and telecommunications services into one bill so your monthly expenses are predictable and can be managed online through our online account management service, OneCentral Portal. Contact your account representative today to find
out more about our equipment
leasing or inquire online.

2011 NGN Leadership Award

SmartVoice has been recognized for its quality and innovation once again! NGN Magazine recently awarded our beloved SmartVoice product with a 2011 NGN Leadership Award. The Third Annual NGN Leadership Award recognizes companies for applications and services that contribute to the evolution of next generation networks and the technologies that make them possible.

In addition to the recent NGN award, SmartVoice was awarded the 2010 Product of the Year award for outstanding innovation by Internet Telephony Magazine. So what’s with all the buzz about SmartVoice? It starts with the power of SIP…

The Power of SIP

Did you know that we have superpowers? We’re battling the woes of the telecom world to bring our customers innovative communication platforms so they can be superheroes at work day in and day out. Our SmartVoice service is a perfect example of ways we’re putting our superpowers to work for you. SmartVoice uses Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) — a powerful emerging protocol standard that delivers three things that you need: simplicity, scalability, and connectivity. SmartVoice SIP delivers…

Simplicity: SIP technology delivers integrated voice and data access. You can mix and match the feature packages that best fit your individual user or extension types from basic lines for fax machines to feature rich lines for support teams.

Scalability: With our broadband services — T1, Bonded T1 or Ethernet — TelePacific can provide up to 120 call paths and 10Mbps of bandwidth in 1Mbps increments. Dynamic bandwidth allocation means that when voice lines aren’t in use your data bandwidth adjusts to capitalize on the available capacity.

Connectivity: Flexible network connection options support both traditional existing telephony equipment and next generation IP PBXs with high quality voice and data. Voice traffic is prioritized over data traffic so calls come through clearly.

SIP is the first protocol that enables multi-user sessions without restricting the message content or device. You could say that SIP has a “hands off” mentality when it comes to establishing telecom sessions. This is good news for you since that means it will deliver a quality connection whether you’re on an important call, conducting a web conference, or watching your favorite show online (we promise we won’t tattle).

SmartVoice utilizes SIP to offer a complete package of communication services for your business, combining unlimited local calling, internet access — even a private IP network — and up to 22 voice and data features at a flat monthly rate. Not even kryptonite could tame this dame but you don’t have to take our word for it. Plenty of others are taking note as well.


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