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Vendor Newsletters | August 2010

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Now that summer is almost over and school is almost back in session, get ready for some cool news from TelePacific. The summer—this month in fact—brings the launch of TelePacific Mobile, our expansion into the wireless realm.

Our first products are data cards and MiFi hotspots to allow high-speed, 3G wireless access anywhere users can get cellular service. Up to five devices can be connected to a hotspot, so you can create a mini-office at a job site or conference room. One device can connect to the data cards, and we offer two options: one with optional data storage and one that works in either a PC card or ExpressCard slot.

Later in the year, around the fall, we’ll make it even easier for users to stay connected on their own terms because we’re introducing voice products (like Blackberry devices) and mobile plans at varying price points. We’ll even introduce wireless failover to ensure access to mission-critical applications...and ensure you can have peace of mind.

Only customers who currently use TelePacific’s voice or data services can purchase our mobile services...and that includes you! You might be asking why you should move your wireless service from another provider to TelePacific. We think there are a few good reasons why:

  • Products and services are simple to buy and simple to manage
  • Devices and plans are straightforward to use and competitively priced
  • There is unified care and service, extending TelePacific’s service standards into the mobile realm and providing one point of contact
  • You receive one invoice with voice, wireless and data services to make it easier to manage your bottom line
  • Administration is greatly simplified by working with one vendor

We have established a group of partners to help us provide these services and devices. As we expand and enhance mobile services, we’ll add more partners to meet your business needs

So if you or your employees conduct lots of business outside of your office, must be connected in some way all the time (even during


summer vacation) or want to be sure you’re double-covered if an outage occurs, check out TelePacific Mobile. And feel free to kick back by the pool, take in a ball game or even venture a little farther afield from your office...and still be available and able to work as needed. Contact your TelePacific representative for more information about TelePacific Mobile. And stay cool!

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