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Gig-E Phones, BYOD and Security

Vendor Newsletters | May 2013

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May 2013

TelePacific Adds Cisco Gig-E Phones
to Hosted PBX Offering

In February, TelePacific rolled out its integrated Hosted PBX solution, a VoIP offering that runs on our secure 1Net MPLS network.

Hosted PBX lets customers tie together all their locations and employees in a cloud-based system that reduces both operating expenses and capital investment. TelePacific manages and maintains the hosted PBX system, ensuring constant availability and access to the most up-to-date features over a secure IP VPN with guaranteed service level agreements. In the latest addition to that offering, Cisco Gig-E IP phones are now available for businesses already using or planning to use Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) local area networks (LANs). These powerful business communications tools join a selection of Polycom IP phones for Hosted PBX.

The Cisco SPA512G single line and the SPA514 four line Gig-E business-class IP phones leverage the full power and flexibility of VoIP and put it at the service of smaller enterprises using 10 Base, 100 Base or Gig-E Ethernet networks, essentially "futureproofing" handset investments for companies that have not yet deployed Gig-E but could do so in the future. Read more

BYOD Goes Mainstream

Some 95 percent of network engineers, IT directors and executives attending this year's Interop event in Las Vegas indicated their organizations have embraced bring-your-own-device (BYOD), allowing employees to connect via personal mobile devices to internal networks, according to a Network Instruments survey. However, only one-third of these companies have BYOD policies in place, indicating a growing security and management concern.

Also, as the use of personal devices on corporate networks increases, 54 percent of network managers reported end-user experience improved while using mobile devices, but more than 40 percent indicated their ability to monitor applications worsened. Other highlights of the on-site survey include:

Mobile Now Mainstream: Nearly all of the respondents have portable devices, and often multiple devices connecting to their corporate network. Of these, 97 percent of the respondents use laptops, followed by 79 percent connecting with smart phones, 70 percent with tablets and 34 percent use external USB drives.

Majority Lack Management Policy: Of the respondents with mobile devices connecting to their network, only 33 percent have any official BYOD policy governing the use of personal portable devices; 67 percent do not. Read more

Nearly Half of Surveyed Employees Admit
to Bypassing Corporate Security

An alarming 46 percent of employees surveyed by Voltage Security said they bypass security controls to access necessary sensitive information to get the job done.

More disturbingly, while 29 percent of survey respondents said their companies would notice within seconds or minutes if sensitive data wasn't secured, a full 40 percent said they would never notice. And half of the respondents said they have had access to financial, customer or HR information they didn't really need — putting potentially sensitive information at risk.

Retailers Weigh in on Digital Channels

Results from RSR Research's The Relevant Store in the Digital Age" suggest that most retailers see their e-commerce sites as having a lot (58 percent) or some (38 percent) value in driving customers to stores, according to a summary published by Although retailers remain concerned about showrooming — the practice of examining merchandise in a store but buying it online — some 87 percent recognize that smartphones have a lot (50 percent) or some (37 percent) value in driving store traffic.

Other digital channels that retailers find valuable in driving foot traffic include email communications (91 percent) and mobile applications on websites (88 percent). Although retailers are less confident about the efficacy of social media delivering customers, more than 80 percent still see a lot (33 percent) or some (51 percent) value to having a social media presence.


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