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Vendor Newsletters | June 2012

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June 2012

Fixed Wireless as a Business Continuity Measure

Businesses frequently use fixed wireless circuits as their primary broadband access solution. However, since Internet access has become the lifeblood of so many companies already using wireline access solutions (T1, Ethernet over Copper, etc.), many are turning to fixed wireless as a back-up measure to support business continuity and network redundancy.

The majority of Internet access outages are due to problems with local access, usually involving accidental fiber cuts or issues with shared copper wiring during inclement weather. So it makes a lot of sense for Internet-dependent businesses to use fixed wireless back-up circuits as a failover measure for local access continuity. After all, if Internet access is interrupted, there can be significant impact on productivity, sales and revenues. Read more

Wi-Fi and Mi-Fi in the Workplace

In the United States, Wi-Fi connections account for more than 37 percent of digital traffic over mobile phones and about 90 percent of Internet access from tablets, according to an Accenture article in Outlook.

These statistics point to the growing importance of Wi-Fi as a consumer tool, but many experts — including consultants in Accenture's technology group — are convinced that business enterprises in energy, utilities and healthcare industries will increasingly utilize Wi-Fi in the workplace and beyond the office environment.

Accenture cites Marathon Petroleum as an example. The company recently implemented a solution that integrates Wi-Fi, location-based technologies and small gas detectors worn on a jacket or shirt lapel to remotely monitor incidents involving its employees over a facility covering nearly 1,000 acres. Fixed Wi-Fi access points installed in trucks provide flexible coverage for workers moving around larger areas, and mobile units are connected to Marathon Petroleum's central communications room by cellular networks. Read more

Equipment Upgrades Made Easier

It's never too soon to start contemplating your new equipment needs and their impact on CAPEX or OPEX budgets in your next fiscal year.

Through our partnership with GreatAmerica Leasing, you can conserve operating cash while upgrading your equipment, making it affordable to acquire a new phone system, PRI card, router or call management software from the vendor of your choice and pay it off on your monthly TelePacific phone bill.

The program offers capital lease and fair market value lease options and a powerful web portal to easily manage your lease opportunities. There are no up-front costs and GreatAmerica pre-funds equipment vendors 50 percent once the lease documents are signed.

The TelePacific Leasing Program applies to both new and existing customers for up to $150,000. Lease elements can include hardware, software, installation, labor, training and warranties, and financing is available on a 3-year or 5-year lease term. To learn more about this program, please contact your TelePacific representative.

71 Percent of Businesses Considering
or Adopting E-invoicing

An accelerating number of businesses are adopting e-invoicing to reduce processing costs, accelerate approval cycles and increase on-time payments, according to the latest PayStream Advisors Study jointly sponsored by Syncada and Visa.

In the study, 21 percent of survey respondents report that they are currently utilizing an e-invoicing solution and 8 percent are currently deploying one. Some 42 percent of respondents are currently evaluating the usage of an e-invoicing solution, and 29 percent do not use one and have no plans to use one. Read more



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