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Vendor Newsletters | June 2010

TelePacific Talks: Fax This! TelePacific Talks | Fax This

What’s the strangest fax you’ve ever sent? Think about it. We fax documents all the time—financial or real estate paperwork, timecards, an office supply order—to demonstrate our approval by our signature. Faxing lets you conduct business from a distance: you don’t have to visit the place you’re working with or ordering from, but it’s like you have.

Some people may think faxing is going by the wayside with the increasing availability and popularity of electronic communication, but the fax is still a useful tool to conduct business. TelePacific has combined the best of both worlds (faxing and email) with Fax Central. It offers the ability to receive faxes in your email inbox and store them electronically. You can even fax documents to yourself, essentially enabling your fax machine to operate as a scanner. But there’s so much more to it than simply increasing privacy and avoiding busy signals. So with that in mind, we’d like to share the top five reasons to use Fax Central.

  1. Order lunch before you leave the office to avoid the lines. Lots of restaurants offer this option...but how many people take advantage of it? Think of the time savings and how much easier it is to detail your specific preferences (smoked turkey on a dutch crunch roll with no mayo, extra mustard, Colby jack cheese, no get the idea) in writing. Okay, this is more of a benefit to using faxing than Fax Central... But if you are the restaurant owner or manager, just check your email for those orders!
  2. Work from home or the park or the beach and still receive your faxes, without being chained to the fax machine. You can enjoy the beautiful weather or wait for the dishwasher repair service and appear to still be in your office because you can respond quickly to faxed documents.
  3. Save paper, ink and electricity. You can be more environmentally friendly by consuming fewer resources...AND you save money by not having to purchase as many of those resources! Not to mention it’s easier and better on the environment to hit “delete” on an email (if you get a spam fax) than to have it printed and recycle the paper.
  4. Maintain options for people to communicate with you. Some people and businesses don’t use email...don’t offer online ordering...or don’t have time to call repeatedly to get a live person. Whether they have a fax machine or a computer-to-fax program, most businesses have fax work with it!
  5. Start a new “Words with Friends” style game using fax machines. There’s constant innovation in gaming and social tools...why not incorporate an “old school” tool into a new game? You’ll get all the credit, we promise.

If you’re interested in enjoying a reduction in fax spam and wasted paper...the ability to store old faxes forever without worrying about the paper disintegrating...forwarding a fax to multiple people via email instead of making copies...and being able to keep your private business private, even when using the office fax, give TelePacific a call to sign up for Fax Central. Or email us...or fax us...whichever you prefer—we’re flexible.

And as far as that strange fax goes? The strangest one we’ve seen was a solicitation to purchase real estate on the moon. What about you?

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