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December 2011

Ethernet over Copper's Built in Resiliency

By 2015 the Ethernet services market for small and medium-sized businesses will grow from just over $500 million to $3.47 billion or nearly 700 percent in just four years. Ethernet over Copper (EoC), which is fast becoming the preferred Internet access technology among SMBs, will drive much of the growth. The primary reasons:

  • EoC beats TDM access prices by 15 percent or more
  • It simplifies CPE and features a universal handoff
  • It's faster to deploy and easier and more flexible to upgrade
  • It's just as reliable as TDM access but more resilient because it's delivered over multiple copper pairs

That last point is significant for customers affected by stormy weather. In Southern California, for example, storms frequently disrupt T1 access. However, when torrential rains poured down on Los Angeles last winter, not one of our EoC customers experienced an outage. With TDM circuits, if any part of the copper loop fails, then the circuit fails. That's not the case with EoC because our equipment can retrain the other available loop(s) and maintain bandwidth.

Given EoC's reliability, lower costs and performance enhancements, in the third quarter alone, hundreds of our small and medium-sized business customers upgraded from T1 and bonded T1 access to an EoC solution at speeds up to 20 Mbps. With eight copper pairs at 2,600 feet from one of our wire centers, we can achieve speeds of 35 Mbps to 40 Mbps, if needed. And our EoC footprint is growing fast. By year's end we will have EoC in 220 wire centers throughout California and Nevada.

If you would like to learn more about our EoC options and bundles, contact your TelePacific representative and don't forget to ask about our current promotion. We're currently giving away additional bandwidth with EoC orders.

Business Continuity: Plan for Rain or Shine

With storm season approaching, please consider that we have deep experience with helping customers plan ahead for contingencies. If you do not have a thorough plan in place to ensure continuous business operations through unforeseen equipment and network malfunctions, severe weather and man-made or natural disasters, we have the expertise and product portfolio to provide redundancy and peace of mind.

Based on your priorities, we can help you design an affordable business continuity plan that balances and integrates multiple paths of redundancy in your data and voice networks to maintain critical communications, avoid revenue loss and protect your mission-critical data when the unexpected happens.

Our data backup and recovery solutions include: RemoteStor data backup; Private IP VPN with Internet access at two or more locations; bonded T1s and Ethernet over Copper (EoC); Ethernet over Fixed Wireless (EoFW); colocation solutions; and email backup for customers hosting their own email.

We also offer trunk group overflow so that if one trunk group fails, calls will overflow to a second trunk group within the same TelePacific serving switch. Additionally, trunk group call forwarding and network redundancy packages ensure that calls are automatically forwarded to back-up/network diverse lines located at your office and other locations if your trunk group is busy or out of service.

Our remote access to call forwarding service gives you the ability to forward your main line and fax line anywhere at any time by making a single call into a TelePacific switch. Also, preserving and accessing voice mail is just as easy when it's housed at our switch.

More than 90 percent of businesses that suffer significant data loss do not survive longer than two or three years. To learn more about how we can help you plan for effective prevention and recovery, contact your TelePacific representative.

Technical Support via Twitter

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