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Vendor Newsletters | April 2010

TelePacific Talks: Your Future on Easy Street Telepacific

Ah, Easy Street. That oft-imagined place where the work is plentiful, the customers are friendly, the money is free-flowing and the living is, well, easy. It sounds ideal, doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to live and work there? We sure would.

We hope you work on Easy Street—whether you love your job or you literally work on a street with “Easy” in the name. For those of you who yearn for an Easy Street-like experience, regardless of whether your office is on Easy Street or not, look no further than OneCentral, TelePacific’s online account management portal.

This one central location to manage your account is a portal to the future, if you will. A future when nearly everything can be managed online, from your banking to your DVR to your household robot. It’s also the environmentally-friendly, “paperless” future, since all of your account details are available online. OneCentral allows you to manage your account anytime, from any location. All you need is your login information, an Internet connection and a web browser. Soon those last two will be integrated into your refrigerator, so you really can access your account from anywhere!

You can pay your bill online through OneCentral. And that’s just the beginning. OneCentral includes all of your account information, from call details to monthly recurring charges to taxes and fees. You can view information by location, if you have multiple locations or by phone number, if you have multiple phone numbers. You can create custom reports to track frequently called numbers, keep tabs on monthly usage and export those reports so you can save or share them with your team. So not only can you better manage your account, you may see ways to further customize your services to what works best for your business.

Another tool to help you get the most out of your account is the MyTools section of OneCentral. It includes User Guides for nearly all of TelePacific’s services, from Conference Central to RemoteStor to SmartVoice to Message Central. View the guides online, download them to your computer, or print and share with your employees. There may be features included with the services you use that employees aren’t using, or you may learn a new/easier way to do something. Easy Street, indeed!

You’ll still receive a paper bill each month, but it will be a summary statement (moving toward that paperless future). You will receive an email each month when your bill is available in OneCentral so you can


access all of the details for all of your locations. It’s simple to set up your account and OneCentral is a secure system...even when your refrigerator is paying your bills.

We like to make things easy for our customers. We can’t make everything Easy Street-easy, but we can help make managing your account easy. Check out the OneCentral User Guide for more details. And call our Customer Care Center at 1-877-487-TPAC (8722) with questions or to sign up for OneCentral.

Welcome to Easy Street!

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