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March 2012

The Dollars and Sense of Outsourced Colocation

Businesses increasingly are turning to colocation for their enterprise technology and applications. They are choosing colocation for redundancy or for security and to lower operating expenses with primary business infrastructure. This represents more than just a trend; it's a fundamental shift. In fact, datacenter colocation services are projected to grow at a CAGR of 13.2 percent through 2014, according to a study from

Our recently published white paper, Growth & Business Security through Colocation: Why Small-to-Medium-Sized Businesses Choose Colocation Datacenters, explains the drivers for this growth and why IT decision makers are electing to undertake colocation. The buy-what-you-need model is perfectly suited for businesses that need to scale quickly. And thanks to increased capacity and lower telecom and network costs, colocation is available at historic low prices. Read more.

Why Multi-Site Businesses Should
Consider MPLS-Based IP VPNs

MPLS (multi-protocol label switching) is not the only wide area network solution a distributed organization might consider using, but it has one salient advantage: it was built to support classes of service. Each organization can set its own priorities about how important certain applications are, and give those applications expedited handling.

MPLS also allows a distributed business enterprise to set policies that protect and enhance the performance of some applications, even when networks are congested. On virtually any network, congestion will impair performance of real-time applications such as IP telephony, business video conferencing or other communications. The whole point when using MPLS is to give real time apps such as voice or videoconferencing, which are highly sensitive to delay, the highest priority for delivery. Read more

TelePacific Leasing Program Now Covers
Purchases Up to $150K

The TelePacific Leasing Program (TLP) can be a helpful resource for customers that need data or phone equipment quickly but want to conserve operating capital. But now it's even more helpful for fast-growing small and medium-sized businesses because we have raised the credit limit from $50,000 to $150,000. Additionally, TelePacific has a new partnership with equipment leasing powerhouse, GreatAmerica. Leveraging GreatAmerica Leasing Corporation's enhanced capabilities, our leasing program has become even stronger.

Under the program, customers can bundle lease payments for new equipment along with their monthly bill for telecom services. They select the vendor and equipment that makes sense for their business and pay for it over time. Also, the program simplifies telecommunications management by combining all services with equipment, related software, warranties and maintenance. To learn more about how this program, please contact your TelePacific representative.

Eo3PV and MiFi Promotions

We are currently offering discounted entry level pricing for Ethernet over 3rd Party fiber (Eo3PV) as well as a free MIFI package worth over $2,200.

The Eo3PV promotion, which runs through the end of the year, offers 18 to 22 percent off of 10Mbps and 20Mbps service via all of our Eo3PV providers except Cox, and also includes AT&T "near-net" buildings within 500 feet of AT&T fiber for Opt-E-Man service. If you think your organization could benefit from a bandwidth upgrade, please contact your TelePacific representative for more information

In addition, any customer that orders 3Mbps+ bandwidth on a 3-year term with a minimum monthly recurring charge (MRC) of $475 will receive a free MiFi device and data plan for 36 months, a value of $2,224. MiFi devices with data plans provide fast connectivity for up to five devices. MiFi packages are great tools for traveling and remote workforces.


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