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Ethernet is in Demand

Vendor Newsletters | April 2012

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April 2012

Demand for Ethernet Services Climbing

Enterprise and business user spending on carrier Ethernet services, by several estimates, is in the process of doubling.

In the U.S., a firm's ability to buy Ethernet services more than doubled between 2005 and 2011, according to Vertical Systems Group. Separately, Insight Research predicts that businesses and consumers will spend $44 billion on carrier Ethernet services by 2016. Infonetics Research projects end user spending on these services will double to $49 billion between 2010 and 2015.

Cloud computing is driving much of the increased spending. Also, in more and more business situations, speed is imperative. Indeed, 10 Mbps is becoming the new T1 access. And multiples of that are required to drive larger enterprises with a need for reliable high-speed access and communication between several locations. Read more.

SmartVoice LAND-AIR Bundle

We now offer a LAND-AIR bundle that combines SmartVoice SIP services with Fixed Wireless to deliver voice and Internet access over physically diverse transport networks. This bundle offers pricing up to 19 percent lower than standard Tier 2 SmartVoice pricing when customers require 5Mbps of Internet bandwidth. The highlights:

  • The LAND-AIR bundle consists of two components:
    1. SmartVoice voice only over T1 (SVVO) without Internet access
    2. Ethernet-based Internet access over Fixed Wireless (EoFW)
  • The SmartVoice only component requires only 1Mbps of bandwidth and can have any number of call paths from eight to 23.
  • The EoFW component can be any available bandwidth, but the bundled price becomes more competitive when the bandwidth is 5Mbps or higher. For example, 3-year term pricing for the LAND-AIR bundle at 5Mpbs is $781 monthly

It's worth noting that our SmartVoice SIP product recently was awarded the 2011 INTERNET TELEPHONY Product of the Year for the second consecutive year.

First Look: TelePacific Datacenters

As lower bandwidth costs continue to make cloud-based applications more economically feasible, small and medium-sized business customers increasingly are outsourcing applications from local servers to cloud-based data centers not only to save money but also lessen the strain on their IT departments. We're witnessing the transition first-hand because we've had a surge in demand for colocation space, power and bandwidth to operate servers.

In last month's newsletter, we explained the business drivers for colocation in our recent white paper on the subject. This month we would like to point you to a new video that focuses on our datacenter-based colocation offerings.

We encourage you to watch this brief video and reach out to your TelePacific representative or local office to learn more about our datacenter products or tour one of our facilities.

Blaisdell Named VP of Customer Satisfaction
and Reliability

Industry veteran Sandy Blaisdell has been named Vice President of Customer Satisfaction and Reliability to oversee customer service in the repair processes throughout our expanding service footprint. A former executive with NTT/Verio, Digex and PSINet, Blaisdell has leadership experience in network operations, product implementation and installation, process engineering, customer service, retention and customer advocacy.

In her new role at TelePacific, Blaisdell will lead the technical support teams to drive excellence for all touch points with customers including service, repairs, and customer interaction. "One of the many things that appealed to me about TelePacific was its commitment to high levels of customer service," says Blaisdell. "This announcement is a continuation of that strategy and attests to the company's priority to provide reliable service and business continuity for its customers."

Blaisdell's objective at TelePacific is to identify and resolve problems before customers experience them. However, "if a customer has a service issue, we intend to correct it quickly and make the whole repair experience a positive one," she adds.


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