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June 2014

For several years, the SBA's been offering tips on summer marketing, including:

Participate in summer festivals and fairs to build your brand and attract new customers.

Take your customers out. From golf and sporting events to winery tours and chartered fishing boats, the summer presents all kinds of opportunities to reward your most important customers.

Take your business on the road. This doesn't work for all businesses, but if you've got a food business or appropriate retailer, you can follow your customers to vacation spots and sporting events.

Summer contests. If you serve up food, consider eating contests or cook-offs. If you've got a landscaping business, launch a "worst yard" contest for a free landscaping makeover. If you run pet stores or groomers or veterinary hospitals, organize pet shows with prizes. You get the idea — find something relevant to your business and make it fun.

Dress up your website. Many businesses decorate their websites for the holidays. Why not add some summer graphics to keep your image relevant and in sync with your customers?

A quick caveat: Some of these activities require licenses, permits and other legalities. Make sure your paperwork is in order.

These SBA tips are solid reminders of tried-and-true marketing tactics, but we've got some tips of our own. Check them out on our blog.

Another Day, Another Breach

As we were assembling this month's newsletter, yet another security breach was announced, this time by eBay. All year we've been subtly — and sometimes not so subtly — reminding you that we offer managed security services to help you minimize your own company's risk. If you've been thinking that you should look into these services but never seem to find the time, give us a call at 800-399-4925 and we'll do the heavy lifting for you. Let's get this taken care of so you can focus on other things, like growing your business.

Houston, We Have Liftoff

We recently announced a slew of new sales executives in the Lone Star State, including new sales managers in Corpus Christi and San Antonio, and the return of Brad Mitchell as our new head of TelePacific Texas. This month, we celebrated the opening of our 5,000 square foot office in Houston. The new location houses 20 sales executives dedicated to small- and medium-sized business customers (SMBs). With this new location, we now have a significant presence in every major metropolitan area in Texas.

"Houston is one of the world's great commercial centers and there is a huge demand for communications solutions that pull together all the complicated elements that go into today's business growth strategies," says Mitchell. "A vibrant economy and strong entrepreneurial spirit create a need for the simplicity of communications from a provider with a comprehensive palette of customizable solutions — all delivered with one point of contact, one bill and local service. We're here for the long haul and excited to grow with our customers."

The new office is located at 2000 West Loop South, Suite 1150, Houston, TX 77027. For general information about TelePacific's products and services call 866-835-9378 or reach out to Houston Sales Director Reggie Fikes at 281-500-9572.

New Sales Manager in Las Vegas

Las Vegas often ranks very high in lists of America's fastest-growing cities. A culture center, global travel destination and entertainment mecca, it's also an ultra-modern city with heavy demand for connectivity, cloud services and continuity. In short, Las Vegas is a Southwest growth center that serves as a natural expansion point for many of our multilocation customers. And just as in our Texas locations, we've got a local presence headed by executives who know the ins and outs of all that makes Las Vegas unique.

It's in keeping with this tradition that we announced the appointment of Chris Duggan to head our Las Vegas office at 1181 Grier Dr. #F. Chris has a 20-year track record of sales leadership in the telecom industry, including 10 years working in SoCal and Las Vegas. "Las Vegas is such a great place to do business in," Duggan says, "particularly if you've earned the trust and business of the people in this tight-knit community like TelePacific has. The company DNA of customer service and accountability is really what drew me here. We're a major telecommunications carrier but our people here have deep roots and relationships with the local community."

Ken Bisnoff, TelePacific's senior vice president of strategic opportunities, says Chris Duggan is a strong fit given the company's rich history in Las Vegas. "Las Vegas has been a central part of our business since we first opened our doors 15 years ago," says Bisnoff. "We've worked with Las Vegas businesses through good times and bad and the vitality and growth in the market today is great to see. We're proud to help Las Vegas business prosper and fortunate to have a leader like Chris at the helm to help our customers grow."


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