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August 2014

Content Marketing Results a Mixed Bag for Businesses

Content marketing is all the rage. Surveys by Ad Age indicate that businesses expect to increase their content marketing budgets by 75 percent this year. However, we're half way through 2014 and, according to a new study by Forrester Research, only 14 percent of business-to-business (B2B) marketers believe they're using content marketing to generate business value "very effectively." The good news? Another 51 percent believe their efforts are somewhat effective and just seven percent believe their efforts are somewhat ineffective or not at all.

According to Forrester VP Laura Ramos, who authored the study, there are several steps businesses like yours can take right now to get better content marketing results:

Address your customers' business issues. In a review of 30 B2B websites, Forrester found the 80/20 rule at play. 80% of companies' websites were focused on the companies themselves (products, features) and not the issues their customers are facing.

Quality > quantity. One factor contributing to the inward focus of content is the ongoing need for content itself, which drives marketers to discuss what they know best: their own companies. Keeping the focus outward (as in the point above) is vital for customer engagement.

Hire journalists. Most marketers come from business development, sales and product design backgrounds. Traditional marketing values communications, but not making those communications provocative as well as informational. Hiring journalists can help to solve these problems.

New Cloud-Based Contact Center Simplifies Call Center Ops, Business Expansion and Remote Worker Management

All year, we've been working hard to demonstrate that our new "Three Cs" value proposition is more than marketing hype. It's a service philosophy built around the simple but increasingly pertinent idea that your company should be able to focus on its core services instead of attempting to manage an increasingly complex web of connectivity, cloud and continuity services. This value proposition is at the core of our new Contact Center service, which pairs with TelePacific Hosted PBX to deliver the following key benefits:

Low cost of entry. Since Contact Center is a cloud-based service, customers gain all the benefits of a feature-rich platform without the up-front expenditures of hardware and software installation and integration.

Fast deployment. Since there are no platforms to integrate, Contact Center can be deployed in days instead of weeks.

Reliability. Contact Center is backed by carrier-class availability, delivering greater resilience than on-premise equipment, location routing during power or transmission outages.

Instant scalability. New agents can be turned up on-demand, providing real-time operational scalability.

Lower total cost of ownership. Contact Center's any user, anywhere value proposition reduces the need for office space and equipment, delivering significant indirect savings in addition to savings generated from the elimination of on-site equipment, software and maintenance expenses.

Seamless integration with Hosted PBX. With Contact Center, you and your customers will always have a single point of contact for service.

For more information about Contact Center, contact your TelePacific account rep today.

BYOA: What it is and why
it matters to your business

In tech circles, there's a lot of talk about bring-your-own-application (BYOA) and how employee adoption of cloud services outside of work is impacting business processes and security requirements when employees access those applications from the networks of their employers.

It's important to recognize that employees are using these applications to increase productivity, and your business benefits from these efforts. Business News Daily has published an article with advice for business owners and advisers on how deal with BYOA. Aside from detailing the merits of embracing BYOA adoption by your employees, tips for managing the trend include:

Taking inventory. Open a dialog with your staff to determine which apps are being used on your network.

Planning. Once you've developed a list of approved applications, establish a submission and review process for new apps.

Building a technology stack. Establish control of application usage by deploying the applications your employees use the most, and complement this application monitoring to assist with app and policy management.

Manage identities, not devices or apps. With BYOA and BYOD (bring-your-own-device) connections becoming too many and too varied to manage them all, focus instead on developing unique digital entities for each employee.


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