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May 2011

Broadband Unbound

With the April acquisition of Covad Wireless, TelePacific has significantly expanded its broadband offerings and presented customers with even more options for their Internet and data needs. TelePacific now owns its own WiMAX-featured wireless broadband network, a licensed microwave backhaul network and a high bandwidth wireless network operating in licensed LMDS spectrum. What that all means is that we are now offering customers Ethernet over Fixed Wireless (EoFW) with scalable broadband speeds ranging from 1Mbps to 100 Mbps.

Fixed Wireless offers the best and lowest bandwidth pricing to customers that are beyond the reach of Ethernet over Copper (EoC) or for whom EoC cannot be provided due to technical issues with the ILEC outside plant. So you have even more options to choose from when selecting the right broadband solution for your company’s needs.

EoFW is a great option for your Internet needs or can also work perfectly as a back-up to your existing broadband service, creating a reliable safety net in case your primary system experiences any downtime. And if you are planning a concert, sporting event, convention, fair or any other type of event in which you will need temporary broadband Internet access, TelePacific can quickly set up wireless access ranging from 2Mbps to 40Mbps and lasting from one to as many days as you need. Try doing that with cables. Ethernet over Fixed Wireless is truly broadband unbound. Learn more at or contact your TelePacific representative.

TelePacific Acquiring OCiX and Telekenex

TelePacific is in the process of finalizing the acquisition of Telekenex, a leading IP-based managed services provider and Orange County Internet Exchange (OCiX), a dedicated provider of neutral, carrier class colocation and data center services. I know what you’re thinking…"didn’t they just acquire Covad Wireless last month?" Yes. And just like with Covad Wireless, these two acquisitions are important pieces of our growth strategy and present our customers with exciting new products and services.

We'll be talking a lot more about the new services as soon as they're online, but for now here are just a couple of juicy tidbits:

  • We'll be adding a SAS 70 certified data center in Southern California, which will be a great complement to our Sacramento one and make these services available to even more customers.
  • We'll have a nationwide private MPLS backbone, allowing us to directly provide service to all of our customers’ offices—even those outside our primary service market.
  • We’ll be providing hosted PBX services, allowing customers to access the robust features of a cloud-based PBX system and giving them the ability to get their remote workforce all on the same PBX system.

Data Recovery Made Simple

Here are a few words that make any business computer user shiver in fright—“computer virus,” “server corruption,” “disk crashes.” Yes, these situations are typically horrible to deal with because of the time it takes to fix them and the impact to productivity…but what’s worse is the data that you lose when these events happen. If you’re still using those backup tapes or extra hard drives to back up and protect your data, there’s a better way.

TelePacific’s RemoteStor automatically backs up your data nightly to a secure Presilient infrastructure located in Las Vegas. It’s far away from earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters that could impact your business and render those backup tapes and hard drives at your office useless.

We keep your daily data for 14 days, so if your disk crashes, your server gets corrupt, or you get one of those nasty computer viruses, you can easily restore your latest problem-free data set as soon as the issue is fixed. And what’s even better is that you can restore your data to any computer with Internet access. So even if your server or computer isn’t fixed, or if you’re still pumping the flood water out of your office suite, you can access all your data at any other site and keep working as though nothing had happened. Learn more about RemoteStor and contact your TelePacific representative today to start backing up your data and getting some peace of mind.

Hitting the Road with TelePacific Mobile Services

Spring is here and summer isn't very far away. That means many of your employees who are on the road, either for business or pleasure. Help them stay connected and productive with TelePacific mobile services.

TelePacific offers a variety of ways to stay connected on the road, including a selection of smartphones, mobile hotspots and mobile voice and data plans that meet your company's needs. With TelePacific mobile services, you can enjoy time away from the office, knowing that you won’t miss any important calls, or that you can easily access all your office and server files if needed. After all, with this great weather, who wants to be inside the office?


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