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Vendor Newsletters | March 2010

TelePacific Talks: Are You a TelePacific Insider? Telepacific

Well, are you? You may be shaking your head quizzically right now, wondering if there was an invitation to an initiation activity you accidentally deleted. Don't worry you haven't missed anything. There are no rites of passage or scary truth or dare activities you have to partake in to be a TelePacific insider just visit

It's a new web site we've launched to make it even easier to work with TelePacific. Rather than sift through different sections and pages on our main web site, you can quickly and easily find all of the information you need on this site. Everything from setup and user guides, rates and all of the portals to access services like email, RemoteStor, billing, 1Net iNOC and OneSecure. You'll even find a network speed test, to check just how fast your data is traveling the information superhighway.

And that's not all. We've included extensive contact information so you can get technical support and answers when you need them - whenever that may be. There is a list of contact numbers for our first-level support (such as billing, technical support and Internet abuse complaints) and a list of names and phone numbers for specialist support. What other telecommunications company lists the names and direct phone numbers for multiple contact people to make it easy for customers to escalate issues?

It's all part of our commitment to superior customer service. Not only do we list phone numbers for you to call, we answer the phone quickly and work quickly to resolve issues or problems. Our Terms and Conditions are clearly marked and broken out into sections to help you find what you're looking for quickly (notice a theme here?) We even have information on various tools to help improve your organization's productivity and save money, such as Conference Central, Fax-to-Email, OneSecure managed security services and 1Net.

Just about anything you need to read about or contact TelePacific about is included on the site. You can submit a trouble ticket, file a moving form or submit a comment. And you can always check our main web site if you can't find something - or call one of our friendly customer care representatives, since you can find all of the phone numbers on the site.


So become an insider today and check out You may even want to bookmark it in your browser so you can find it quickly when you need it to resolve an issue or answer a question. Don't ever hesitate to contact us - we are here to help!

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